Would you sell your gold jewelry

  1. That you haven't used in years to fund a purse? I bought alot of gold jewelry before when it was cheap. I don't use it anymore. For some reason i fell out of love for it. Selling it right know is almost double for how much i bought it before. Do you think it's a good idea?
  2. Yes, I'm actually in the process of checking out where to get the best price. Haven't used my yellow gold pieces for years and can't imagine using them ever again, it looks so dated, so why not "exchange" them for something I love more.
  3. Sure if you know you won't use them Ali. I had some peces and ended up using some again. and was considering selling the rest.
  4. Not sure this is the right forum - but yes, when the price was HIGHEST, (sometime last year), I sold a lot of my gold. Not necessarily to fund a handbag, but because I hadn't worn it in years. It had absolutely no value to me as jewelry, so I was more excited to get the $.

    Gold prices have leveled out a bit now ... good sign for the economy, but not necessarily for people wanting to sell it.

    The key is: Make sure you never want it again. Ever. Prices will probably never be as good as they were when the items were purchased.
  5. Yes, by all means, recycle it if you're not wearing it.
  6. I just sold some of my dad's gold since I am not going to wear his stuff. Why keep it around if you don't need it?
  7. I'm a fan of selling anything that you know you won't use again - why not let someone else have the pleasure of using it who will appreciate it and make some money back at the same time, either to save or to fund something new?

    I don't wear silver anymore and also dislike white metals like white gold or platinum (except in earring settings) so sold all my silver jewellery and a white gold bracelet last year. I got a very good price for the bracelet in particular and my buyer was thrilled as she couldn't afford to buy one brandnew. I actually put that money towards a purse but would probably buy another piece of jewellery I like better if I sold anything now.
  8. I sold all of my gold and silver to my jeweler. Easiest $1600 I have ever made!! I never wore it so why not??
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    I know you are just giving your opinion but perhaps it isn't such a nice or polite way of phrasing it to say that yellow gold 'looks so dated'?? I only wear yellow gold including my wedding set and think it looks rich and gorgeous and certainly not outdated, it is just a different (traditional!) colour gold that will suit some people and not others. Everyone likes different things.
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    I want to sell my gold jewelry too. I have a bunch of random bits and bobs of 18-24k gold pieces and a 24k ounce coin. I want to sell it toward a love bangle. But with the price of gold falling I've been waiting since Feb for it to bounce back up. And to think the price of gold fell all due to one private seller!
  11. Yes, I did this earlier this year (not to fund a purse) just to get the cash for stuff that's been laying around unworn literally for years!!
  12. I sold quite a bit of gold jewelry last year and made a chunk of change. And it was all jewelry that had been sitting in my jewelry box for years. I haven't missed a single piece of it.
  13. I sold a lot of gold to US Goldbuyers, they were more than double what local jewelers were paying per gram. I was paid $38.00 a gram for 14kt and more for 18kt. My jeweler was only paying $14.00 - $18.00 a gram, jewelers will rip you off. Make sure you know how many grams and what they pay per gram.
  14. Yes, I've sold a bunch of stuff i don't wear anymore, and put the money towards something new that i wanted.
  15. You beautifully expressed the same thoughts that I had.
    There was a time when I preferred only wg/platinum but since I started collecting van cleef pieces, I have come to appreciate the warmth of gold.
    I find it regal and timeless.