Would you sell a vintage Diana to fund for a small boy?

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  1. have a dilemma...I have a vintage black Diana I barely use. Love the style, but I use my m/l and minis more than anything (I have 3). I have one m/l in black shw and the mini in black ghw. I think it’s very similar...I see a blue lambskin boy I like, but not sure about the versatility either. Can anyone advise?
  2. Keep the Diana!
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  3. +1:smile:
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  4. I think I prob don’t use it as much as it’s lambskin so not sure if getting another lambskin is helpful. It just has a classic flap look which I have first world problems for sure
  5. I personally am all for selling things you don't use and don't see yourself ever really using.
  6. Sell your Diana if you never use it, may as well let it go to someone that loves it, and you can buy something you will love!
  7. If you do not use it sell it. It seems you really want the Boy. I have a so black Boy and LOVE it!!!
  8. If it doesn't spark joy, get rid of it. By the by, what shade of blue is the Boy you are looking it?
  9. The Diana bag is gorgeous. I recently bought one with intention to use it for dinners and fancy parties. So it will not so much use but it will be there to use until I am very very old :biggrin:, it is such a classic looking bag with great quality. I would not sell my Diana bag to fund another bag. I would instead try to save up enough money to buy the other bag.

    With that being said, everyone is different and I do think you should use your bags. If you never use it today and you think you wouldn’t regret selling the bag - well then I definitely think you should sell it.

    If you afraid of the lambskin I don’t think you should buy another lambskin bag, especially since I think the vintage lambskin bags are much more durable than the recent lambskin ones.
  10. It looks something like this. I was initially looking for beige, but....

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  11. Agreed. Quality is really good and I paid a bit more to get one in good condition. I did wear it to work for a few days to see how I would like it. The size itself is great but the gold seems too gold on me. I love the bag itself though...I also have a black medium flap and a small black mini with gold hardware so I find it repetitive.
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  12. Great color. I'd find it very hard to not sell the Diana for that Boy.
  13. I can definitely see it being repetitive with the ghw. My black mini has shw and when I buy a M/L it will also be shw. So the Diana bag will be my only black ghw Chanel bag (I might buy a reissue with aged ghw which fits in nicely).

    The ghw on the Diana bag is very gold (gold plated) and today it is very popular with lighter gold hw. This is something that will change back and forth in the future.
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  14. True. I also just feel bad owning so many bags
  15. Haha well that is a completely different problem ;)
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