Would you say there is such a thing as “too big” when it comes to diamonds (If you had the money)?

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  1. I agree that fancy shapes work well for large sizes! But then again, there's something about a huge, classic round too :biggrin: You make a good point about social circle though.
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  2. I like how detailed your post got! Lots of good points to consider. I think for me personally I am not very colour sensitive, so I probably would not notice a great difference higher than H (in the sense, it all looks the same before H to me). I can go either way, and J onwards is too yellow for my taste (unless its really a magically cut stone). I agree that sacrificing everything else for size is not for me. I would always prioritise cut over everything, and may be willing to do a slight colour/carat trade off (I'll go down to an I if I can get a slightly bigger size, for example). But I also wouldn't get a K colour stone unless it was really amazing and didn't look that yellow. Also, it depends on the setting. If someone is setting it in yellow gold it doesnt look so bad to have a K colour as opposed to white gold setting.

    I didn't think about things like the Krupp diamond at all! Can't imagine wearing it as a ring! At that size, I would have worn it as a pendant. How amazing it would look!

    So I guess I would say something like the 33ct Krupp diamond is a tad too big as a ring :biggrin: you made me rethink my own position, good job!
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  3. Fun thread ! I actually asked a similar question here: https://forum.purseblog.com/threads/diamond-studs.1005046/page-4 and I think it’s all about lifestyle. If it’s suitable for the occasion then it’s the right size. If it looks ridiculous and makes you a target for a mugger then perhaps not.

    I live & work near Bond Street. Where graff is
    https://www.graff.com/ yet I have to say I very rarely see anything over 1ct during the day. It’s also very much a cultural thing as Middle Eastern ladies usually wear the largest stones.
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  4. Yes. There is such a thing as gross excess.
    With everything.
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  5. As an aside, Graff is beautiful. Every time I pass a store of theirs I am glued to the window :nuts: just love their jewellery so much. I saw a diamond (yellow and white) necklace this one time and I fell in love, but it was something like 1mn pounds :amazed: so a bit out of my budget.... would have definitely bought it if I could’ve afforded it though :biggrin:

    You’re right that it is somewhat cultural though. I belong to a culture where it’s normal to wear a lot of jewellery and dress up, and in my social circle most people wear large-ish diamonds if they can afford them. So I guess it makes sense!
  6. Ooohhh.... I like big bling too... I am sure you have an amazing collection....

    I’m not sure if you only like diamonds, but if you like colored gemstones (rubies, emeralds, sapphires), the Cartier boutique on 5th in NYC has amazing colored gemstones. If you can make it there (not sure where you live), go upstairs, and it’s a whole different world from the main floor which is all their mass produced lines (e.g. Love, Panthere). 2nd floor is the one of a kind bling and if you go when they are not busy, the SAs are super nice and will let you play and try on stuff. I forgot about that amazing floor.... need to add that to my dream rotation. [emoji51]

    I love emeralds above all else, my favorite stone.

    And I agree with @ladysarah (love that name by the way!).... when I have gone to London to visit, I see the best bling on middle eastern ladies. And the jewelry hall at Harrod’s is yet another different world!
  7. I think there is. the right size is classy but big and excessive just looks like rappers trying too hard to scream “look at me I’m rich yo!”
  8. I actually don’t have a big collection of my own, since I’m still fairly young. My mother has a beautiful collection and she has already started passing down her pieces to me and my sisters, so that’s how I indulge my love for sparkly things!

    Sadly I do not live in the US so I can’t visit the NYC Cartier (but the next time I’m in the states I will 100% go check it out!) I love all kinds of gemstones, precious and semi precious (as long as they’re sparkly) and also pearls. Actually, aside from diamonds I would say my favourites are emeralds, aquamarine and pearls. So just looking at these beautiful pieces will make my day :heart:

    And let’s not get started on the jewellery hall at Harrods! Every time I am in London I have to check it out. Absolutely stunning.
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  9. I feel that really BIG pieces look great on much older women.
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  10. I am going to say no but there are lots of caveats haha!
    In general, I don't think there is an issue with "too big". However, it depends upon the situation and context. Its perfectly OK to have a large diamond - but you have to be aware of the situation in which you are wearing it, and what you are wearing it with.
    The rich and famous at their events wear priceless jewels a la Lady Gaga at the Golden Globes and she (and the diamond) looked absolutely spectacular. The necklace suited her outfit as well as the context in terms of the occasion. The event was a super fancy ball/event in which case the priceless diamond was hardly alone in that room with the other guests. Dressing up for that kind of occasion is very much expected.
    As an example, and we change the context of Lady Gaga wearing that diamond to say the poorest areas of the world, in front of people suffering greatly, then I would say its not appropriate and is definitely tacky. The diamond itself has not changed, merely the situation surrounding the diamond. Wearing this in front of (as example only) people in the slums of Bangladesh, it would appear grotesque and almost unsightly to have the juxtaposition of extreme wealth with extreme poverty. (Not that lady gaga would do such a thing, im only using it to explain my pov, I think she looked amazing and gorgeous plus is so very talented, the same could be said for Kim Kardashian or any other famous person who have large expensive jewels).
    I have a cocktail ring I bought at auction which is a 1.7ct centre stone and is the largest bling I own. Its definitely larger than my engagement ring. I only wear it to black tie events because I find I cant wear it day to day as its not appropriate.
    Just my humble opinion. Thanks for the open honest discussion :smile:
  11. Nope! Now me, I think my comfort zone is about 5 carats, but if you have the confidence to carry it off, I say go for it!
  12. Wow, you bring up a great point I had not considered! I totally agree that the context and occasion makes a huge difference in the "appropriateness" of the jewellery.
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  13. Thank you very much :smile: xx
  14. I have to say I LOVE Graff. And their big fancy shaped rings are definitely drool worthy.

    As everyone says, it's up to your lifestyle. I have a 3-carat round with two one carat sides. It's on the larger size of my social circle. And I live in a fairly affluent area. But I mostly wear my 16-carat total weight emerald cut ruby ring (each stone is 1.2 carats) with a matching, slightly smaller pink sapphire band. The ruby ring is actually worth more than the diamond, but it's way more under the radar. I work with young people just out of school, and other people of more limited means. So it would not be appropriate to wear a 6-10 carat ring every day. And if I (and DH) spent all that money on a diamond ring, I'd want to wear it, a lot.
  15. I love well made jewelry and constantly admire it in stores and on others. I think there are limits for everyday wear. Too big can look out of place and flashy. But for black tie or formal events big bling is fine with me! If you have the confidence and grace, why not? Lady Gaga had a rock the size of a baby’s fist around her neck at the Oscars and it was STUNNING.