Would you say there is such a thing as “too big” when it comes to diamonds (If you had the money)?

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  1. Depends on your culture. In the UK it can be seen as quite tacky to wear huge diamond bling. For normal working/middle class people a large diamond is out of place in most situations. I personally do think there is a limit. I prefer dainty jewellery anyways. Elegant and classy, not flashy. That’s me!
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  2. I think it's really a personal preference. Personally, I love big & bold. I upgraded my E ring to a 2 ct princess cut. At first, I thought it was huge but now I could probably go up to a 3 ct. I don't think I would go up any larger. My lifestyle is so much more casual than it was when I was in my late 20's to early 40's. I don't attend formal events anymore so, while I love big bling, I wouldn't really have a use for it now. Depending on the setting, I could upgrade my diamond studs to 3 ct each. I do think colored diamonds (yellow, blue, pink) look good in larger sizes in halo settings or with baguettes on the side. Just my opinion. I use to wear blingier bling in my first marriage when we were involve with charities & more formal events. My wedding set from my first marriage had a 3.5 Emerald with diamonds on the side. I gave that set to my oldest son to use for his wedding or have something made for his future wife.
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  3. I will show you shortly..i.e. 10ct Tiffany diamond e-ring, or myself modest e-ring, only 2.11ct.
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    Here you go. You can see the Tiffany 10ct E-ring on hand, how it looks like v.s my 2.11ct e-ring in 2nd picture. The last pic show the regular rings I wear daily including my e-ring and wedding band, and VCA ring at right hand.

    By the way, if money is not a issue I believe Tiffany has plenty of 10ct rings for customer to purchase, or they can easily custom produce anything for Customer personal design or taste. That is what I have seen and also been told by Tiffany. Again, those kind of pieces including larger carat e-ring, are categorized under "High Jewelry", but they are totally open for customer to purchase.

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  5. Yeah being a jeweler People mostly prefer a normal size diamond even if there is no money issue they just don't find big diamonds that too much if you are gonna wear a big diamond make sure it to be of highest quality otherwise it would look just like artificial one. Smaller but better quality is best.
    I myself prefer not too big diamonds while making rings or pendants
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  6. It makes turning eighty worthwhile!!:happydance:;)
  7. LOL

    You are SO right!

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  8. Totally agree. I see some big yellow diamonds and I think how cheesy. Then I see big white but dead stones and think, fake... it’s all for show.

    If you go big, you must get quality.
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  9. There are so many beautiful rings out there with designs that are more interesting and say more about your personality and taste than the size of a single rock. I personally don't understand why people would rather wear in big rock instead of a piece where the gems and materials are a part of the design making a more beautiful whole. Like Victoire de Castellanes creations for Dior. Or whatever else you feel like suits you better.
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  10. I think both are beautiful! I love creative one of a kind designs (de Castellanes is a great example, I am in love with some of those rings) but I think there's something so classy, elegant but still bold about a big rock in a simple setting (provided it is of good quality).
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  11. Nope, no such thing as too big, but how it is incorporated into a piece will affect how "flashy" it looks. Personally would love bouquet styled brooch with a mix of 5-10ct, candy-esque colored diamonds ::drool:: and would wear that bling on everything and anything. To be honest, with my casual wardrobe amd casual lifestyle, most bypassers would assume its paste or Swarovski (fine by me!) and not give it second thought. If it could pass as costume jewelry in context, then that will be most likely assumption.

    On the flip side, a single 5ct stone set into an engagement ring type setting catches much more attention, imho due to the general assumption that an engagement ring is not a costume piece...even if it is!
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  12. Depends on where the huge bling is worn, situation appropriate. As beautiful as some of the red carpet jewels are, you know they're always borrowed for the event, so I'm not that impressed by them. If the wearer actually OWNED them, then I admire them. Like Elizabeth Taylor and her collection.

    A 20 carat rock at the grocery store looks as out of place as a person driving his own Rolls Royce.

    A 20 carat rock at a nice restaurant is OK. Knock yourself out.

    Depends on the wearer. Some people can carry off anything and look fine. Some people wearing the same thing can look desperate. I think most Hollywood actors look desperate.

    That said, I had a flamboyant cousin who wore large real diamonds and thick gold pieces. If you knew her you wouldn't be surprised. She even wore the stuff working in her yard on hot days getting all dirty and sweaty. But that was her!
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  13. Oh now I want that bouquet style brooch too! I think it sounds absolutely gorgeous. I might even look into getting something like that made with semi precious stones... its going on my wishlist!!
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  14. I think there is always danger of the whole thing deteriorating into mindless competitiveness, as to who has the biggest diamond...
    In a nutshell, Occasion & lifestyle is everything.
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