would you recommend lipo?

  1. I have a spare tyre, I look OK standing up but as soon as I sit down there are afew rolls, no matter what I do I always have rolls or one big roll, has anyone here had lipo? Would you recommend it?
  2. well, have you tried diet and exercise first?
  3. I wouldn't reccomend it. But I'd do it myself. They always want you to lose as much weight as possible beforehand, and its a serious surgery...so it would be scary.
  4. I ask because it's NOT for weight loss. It's really intended for people that are otherwise in great shape but diet and exercise won't budge a certain spot.
  5. I would recommend lipo as a last effort. Try diet and exercise first. I've seen videos of lipos being done, and it's quite scary! It's a serious procedure with serious risks.
  6. I've seen it on TV too & it looks gross. If I had a problem I'd spend my $$ on a personal trainer before I went under the knife.
  7. I've spent a ton of money on personal trainers and I'm not overweight. My thighs are too big. For me I'd recommend lipo.

    I don't know your situation, but if you are at a stable healthy weight and just have uneven fat distribution, lipo could be the answer. Also, you might be just being too critical of yourself. I think most people have some rolls when they sit.
  8. ^you're a perfect candidate:tup:
    It's a risky little procedure though.
  9. i would never do it...it's just not safe
  10. Do it. Everything has a little bit of risk it in. But you can't live life...thinking it will go wrong.

    I got Lasik on my eyes...some won't get it thinking they can be blind if it goes wrong. But for me, I am glad I did it.
  11. How about liposmart the non invasive lipo? Anyone had it done?

  12. yeah, that's why I want to be very sure I have the right doctor if I do it. I've actually consulted with a few going back over to over ten years ago. I'm also worried though that I won't like the results.
  13. I would try first with exercise and good diet habbits if you don't have them already. Also, would try some diuretic products (like asparragus, pineapple and cutting down salt) just in case it's water retention.

    If none of the above works, I'd go for the lipo. I've had it done and I'm really happy about it. But I have been keeping up good dieting and exercise so the fat does not come back again!
  14. spent $7000 on lipo on the tough spots...lower abs, inner thighs, saddlebags, and flanks (lower side back fat)...although you can tell a difference...didn't like the results. Thought it would turn out alot better. Had high expectations I guess. Get a good personal trainer instead and EAT HEALTHY! Nutrition and a good amount of muscle tissue two most important things in fat loss! I'M A PERSONAL TRAINER...hope this helps. Got lipo b/c I'm into instant gratification! Wouldn't do it again...
  15. Most plastics will not even consider you unless you go on a diet/fitness plan first.