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  1. Get a brand new caviar double flap jumbo with gold hardware from the store (about $5900 tax included where I live) or get a single flap caviar in excellent condition 13 or 11 series (preloved $3900 tax included with authenticity, care card, and dust bag included.) I know there are threads with comparisons between the two. I want this to be my everyday bag. I have to say the fact that the single is $2k less is appealing and the fact it's preloved makes me feel like I would not baby it as much but still I could go either way. I know the main points are the price, weight, and capacity. What would you do?
  2. I would get the single flap caviar jumbo in ghw. Aside of the price, I appreciate that its much lighter & easier to access without having to open two flaps to access the bag. I dont mind having a preloved as long as the condition is acceptable to me & comes with the original packaging (the card, the dustbag especially). Dont forget to authenticate if you decide to go through the pre-loved route.
  3. Depends if its really really good condition (like almost new) sorry but im picky if there creasing or flatening i would buy new do you have pics of the preloved?
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  4. I bought pre-owned reissue 227 from 2010 or 2009. The condition is beyond excellent. That bag has held so well for 7-8 years (possibly wasn't used but still) and I paid something around $3k. I also have a brand new jumbo in caviar but I hear stories in TPF about how bad the quality of new bags is and i wonder whether after 8 years it will look as great. Also you might want to take into account the weight - I'm very athletic and 6ft tall but jumbo double flap is super heavy (heard that single flap is lighter).
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    IMG_7673.PNG IMG_7674.PNG IMG_7675.PNG
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  6. Are you having any issues with stitching on your new jumbo?
  7. I've used Etinceler before. Who do you use?
  8. WOW this is beautiful but i can see some creasing nonetheless its gorgeous and would save you 2k (maybe a new bag? or slgs?shoes?) i like how the gold it so beautiful of this the gold on the new bags isnt all that great seems like this preloved bag is quite the deal:smile:
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  9. I agree I love this type of plating! I saw the creasing as well but I think I can let that go. And you're so right about the extra money saved. I'd be able to get other goodies!
  10. the gold plated bags are just gorgeous and its such a beautiful leather too about the creasing i have heard of some bag servicing that you can send you preloved bags too and they restore them apparently they only work on authentic items and they are the official leather repair that chanel uses in the US i think they are located in NY or NJ i cant remember the name but i can try to find it for you... i saw some before and after pics of someone's GST which tends to crease horribly (waaaay worse than any other chanel bag imo) and i think they did great work
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  11. Luckily don't think so but I'm also not as observant as some ladies here :smile:
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  12. IMG_5558.JPG Here's the weight of a single flap jumbo. I hope you will find this useful if weight matters to you.
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  13. I have both single flap (13 series) and double flap (18 series) jumbos. My single flap wins hands down for everyday use for the following reasons:
    • Easy to access
    • Lighter
    • Fits more than the double flap
    • The plated gold against the lambskin is BEAUTIFUL
    I wish I would have gotten another single flap jumbo when they were still in production.
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  14. I have a double flap med/large GH with lambskin. So are your jumbos in lambskin? Do you wear them often and if so have you scratched them? I absolutely love lambskin.
  15. Wow, pretty light! Thank you very useful!
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