Would you purchase a designer shopping bag like one of Anya Hindmarch's "I'm not a pl

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  1. Today on NPR the broadcaster mentioned designer shopping bags were going to be a new market. He mentioned Anya Hindmarch's "I'm not a Plastic Bag" bag and said that it sells for about $250. This is something new to me. He also mentioned that her purses sell for over $1,000. I don't remember hearing of this designer before. Would you ever consider adding one of her designer shopping bags to your collection? They look like they are made well. Here's a link: http://thegoodelife.typepad.com/the_goode_life/2007/02/designer_shoppi.html
  2. I think it sold for 15 UK pounds, and 25 USD in stores. Long waiting list though.

    It is so limited in numbers, that eBay drove the prices upward of $200.

    I am still kicking myself for not buying them back then and just sell it on eBay. I put my name on the waitlist but changed my mind when they called, stupid decision. So yes I would buy it since it is so cheap and you can make a tidy profit. hehex
  3. Jeslyn, did you say it sold in the US for $25? Is this originally? I think I saw these bags mentioned as far back as February 2007. So I think you're saying is that they were initially much less than they are now.
  4. This whole designer shopping bag thing is an ingenious marketing gimmick. I must own a dozen canvas tote bags that were freebies from various companies that would serve the same purpose. Except for a few devout "greenies", I don't see the average shopper bringing 8-10 canvas bags to the store to buy their week's groceries.

    I would buy them to resell on eBay though!:graucho:
  5. The only way I would buy one is if I knew I was going to use it for groceries. I think it looks stupid to carry it around as a purse. If it really gets people to forego the plastic bags and go green, I am all for it. I don't like the idea of people standing in line for it just because they can get a "designer" bag for $25.00. Leave them for the people that really want to utilize them for what they were intended.
  6. I would consider it for $15, and will really use it for farmers mkt and nothing else.
  7. Not unless it was a lot more attractive than the AH offering - it just didn't do it at all for me and I would prefer something that didn't 'shout' its message but simply offered stylish functionality.
  8. Exactly! I have these two Marc Jacobs canvas totes:


    Which are both soooo much easier to find and get online than that "I'm Not A Plastic Bag" hype.

    Serves the same purpose without needing to let the whole world know. I don't find anything special about these Not a Plastic Bag totes at all.

    :confused1: Besides, if I could, I would use my shopping totes to get groceries. However, I need the grocery bags as garbage bags.
  9. Frankly, no.

    I just wouldn't use it. I'd rather buy the "Im not a plastic bag" vs. an actual designer shopping bag because at least that thing is cheap. I'd rather pay $15 for something I'll never use than $250.
  10. ^The problem is it's so hard to get that if you didn't get it directly from Whole Foods (or whatever store) then you have to get it from eBay where the price has skyrocketed to over $200.
  11. it was always $15 USD

  12. It shows how much I know (or don't know) about designer shopping bags. I may pay $15 just to have one. I use a purse and a shopping type bag (not paper or plastic) everyday for work. I usually carry my lunch and stuff because my purses are smaller. Some of these bags I get from Estee Lauder as a gift with purse. Is anyone on the blog still talking to me. :smile: