Would you like to see the adorable HM Mini??

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  1. So I have been wanting the HM in black for sometime now but its out of stock, anyway recently I was also looking for a small casual sort or evening bag, something to just drop your mobile and wallet into for a casual dinner or for the movies, something that will go well with jeans or a casual outfit.

    So I came across handbagandgladrags.com reading through the BE Lounge and I absolutely loved the idea of a mini HM, but was not very sure how it will look like so tiny!

    I recieved the Black HM mini today and it is adorable, I am not sure whether the leather is the same as the regular size one, but is shiny and yummy looking, its a bit stiff now but I think it will get softer after using it for a bit. Same fucshia lining, a mobile pocket and leash link (if thats what its is called). I am so happy I got it!! :yahoo:

  2. Can't wait to see pics!
  3. Excellent Samia!

    That site can be a little goldmine sometimes!

    Can't wait to see pics - this would be the bag described as the small box bag?

    Good purchase and looking forward to seeing it!
  4. I can't wait to see pics Samia. I remember when you posted that you were buying it. I think it's an adorable bag.
  5. Here are some pics:

    With nothing inside:


    And everything that fits in comfortably:

  6. Congrats, this looks like the black crash leather because the normal black leather is not so shiny. it will soften up with time and use.
  7. Ack! It's so cute - I love how the fuschia lining contrasts with the black. And I agree with Tanja; it looks like the black crash to me too :yes:
  8. Oh that's gorgeous Samia!!!

    It looks really lovely!

    It seems to hold quite a lot even though it's smaller than a Hold Me - I can't believe you managed to get all that in there!

    The leather and the lining look great - you're very lucky 'coz I think you got the last one in black! I see they've got other colours which I might just have to have another look at!

    Many thanks for the pics and congratulations on such an adorable (and not soo little) bag! I think it's going to be much loved and used a lot!
  9. Hi Samia! You are THE best for posting these excellent pics! (Do post them in the Pics Only thread, which has fallen to the second page of the the BE Forum.)
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your black Hold Me. Congrats! I wonder how it compares in size to my Tan Hold Me. I think mine has longer straps. Anyway, it is a sensational bag. I get compliments on mine all the time. People have never seen such a bag. I'll post more of mine as it gets smooshier. Do enjoy it to the max! I'm sure you will.
  10. That is one adorable bag!! Enjoy it!! Thanks so much for the great pics.
  11. Congrats on your gorgeous bag! I think this style looks great in black crash!
  12. Thanks everyone! It is an adorable bag.
    Tropicalgal, my HM is way smaller than your Tan HM, I think its 10cm X 10cm. And thanks for the picture comment, can you imagine all these pics I take are from my Nokia N95 mobile, its the best, even better then my 10mp camera.
    Cornflower Blue, I was surprised too that all that fit in, I guess thats the beauty of unstructured bags.
  13. Gorgeous bag girl! Love it!
  14. What a sweet little bag that holds a LOT ~ wow, this is pretty amazing!!! Love the contrast between the black and fuchsia, it ROCKS!!!
  15. Samia, it is completely adorable! A baby BE! I didn't even know that HM mini's existed. Thanks for posting and congrats:tup: