Would you help me figure out how to..

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  1. clean my Burberry wallet?
    It has the haymarket kind of material just like the one of the purse bellow, and now it's kinda dirty so it has gotten darker. I was wondering if there's something I can rub it with that will clean it. Also does anyone know what exactly is this material? it feels kind of plastic-y, I just wanna know because if it's plastic I can maybe clean it with soap or something.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!
  2. I'm also wondering the same. My nova check wallet has stains on it that I would like to remove, but not sure how to. The material is 'Coated Canvas'.
  3. Try baby wipes
  4. mr clean majic erase bar try that
  5. Thank you for your suggestions ;) I was wondering if any one tried something and knows that it will work for sure?
  6. I had dark blue jean stains on my new bag (that's what I get for carrying for almost a week) and I just took some eaze-out (you can buy at a fabric store) and gently dabbed at the stains and no more stains at all!
  7. Thank you .. I will try that :biggrin: