would you get a WOC when you already have a boy?

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  1. #1 May 5, 2016
    Last edited: May 5, 2016
    dear ladies!! I guess it's more of a want issue rather than should/ should not :P

    I have a black chevron boy in old medium which I adore [emoji7] it is in calfskin so I'm still babying it... when I saw there's matte caviar boy in prefall, I managed to talk myself out of getting a boy flap, but am so tempted to get a black quilted boy WOC!

    I think they are different bags and serve different purposes... but I find it a bit difficult to justify the purchase. I haven't owned a Chanel WOC before so I don't know what it is like (size, functionality, etc). and I do find it very cute and dainty when I see others wearing it, comparing with the boxy feeling of a flap.
    and I probably won't get the WOC in classic/ reissue style... and maybe it's because I'm afraid I would regret it as it is seasonal and would be so hard to get it later... 🙄 I have also been also considering the black diorama for a while but I'm not completely sold on this style - I worry about its longevity (if only it doesn't have the silver badge!!) and I kinda think caviar may be slightly more durable than dior calfskin...?

    so do you think I should pull the trigger on this one?
    (sorry I don't have the pic with the black one, and this is borrowed from another TPFer [emoji4])

    sorry for the longggg post and thank you so much in advance!! I would love to hear from you [emoji16]
  2. I have a woc and waiting to get a boy so we are in a similar situation but reverse. haha. Well the woc obviously fits alot less than the boy. I like the woc as it can be worn cross body and use it very often compared to my bigger classic flaps. It helps that I do not need a wallet for the woc and there are slots for 6 credit cards. There are also other compartments where you can slip cash, receipts and even a zipper where coins can be kept. As for the main compartment, I can store my iphone 6S plus and a pack of tissues and perhaps some lip gloss.
  3. Hi

    I have both (but my boy is new medium). The WOC (boy as in your picture) would fit Iphone 6s plus in a case, key pouch, 6 credit cards (can't remember but think it's 6) and has also some little space for a lipstick etc.
    I find it very useful when going to town or when I go out in the evening. Also plan to have it with me when I'm going to travel on the airline that doesn't allow a purse (just one piece of luggage) - will be great to carry my passport and phone.
    I would use 'big' boy when I need to carry a bit more (eg. Kindle, wallet).

    WOC (boy or classic) are also super cute and stylish so if you have money don't hesitate.
    Hope it's helpful.
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  4. I have debated the same issue. But based on my lifestyle, I convinced myself I wouldn't make use of the WOC.

    I currently have the old medium chevron boy and it just fits everything I need. If I just wanted to go and out of places and just carry the minimum, I just usually take my card holder wallet and that's it. I'm fairly lazy. I would try to fit my cellphone in my pockets. So based on that I don't think I would make use of the WOC.
  5. I m in the same situation. twice I pulled out of buying a woc and got a bag instead. i think as much as I wld love a woc its just not really a bag.. and if I want to bring little with me I cld always use my other cheaper small bags. unless I cld get the woc at cheaper prices I decided that it's not for me since it wouldn't get the use it deserves for that price.

  6. thanks for letting me know how much can fit into the WOC! [emoji4] super helpful tips!! that's how I plan to use it too if I can manage to get one [emoji13] how's your WOC holding up?

  7. yes I totally understand... glad to know I'm not alone in this debate! Chanel is a slippery slope [emoji85] I'm convinced that I don't need/want another flap... just thinking if a WOC would make the family complete [emoji87]
  8. Mine is great although is fairly new so we'll see.
    I actually don't think it's such a expensive choice (unless you count cost per square meters :P). Old boy, although super gorgeous is similarly not practical (to me of course) as i'd have to choose between sunglasses and Kindle and with Chanel price increases I'll soon see it going from £3k to £4k which will be ridiculous (already is). I tried square mini but the phone didn't fit so WOC was a perfect option.
  9. whatever fits into a woc will fit in an old medium, but not the other way around. the old medium isn't a big bag so if it was me i don't see the point of a woc if i already have a smallish purse..just my opinion.. i understand it is hard to stop these "wants" sometimes, such temptations..
  10. My woc is the classic design and made of iridescent caviar. It is holding up very very well so I would recommend it. :P
  11. Thanks for letting me know. I am also contemplating a cute square mini but concerned that my iphone 6S plus wouldn't fit.
  12. I have a woc and love it. I also wondered how much I would really use it, but found it is the best purse to carry for work. I can put in my tote bag. When I run to the store after work I leave the tote in the car and run errands carrying the woc. It's so light and comfortable.
    I do have an old medium boy which I adore, but for quick after work errands the woc works much better for me.
    The woc is also great for carrying at night or in crowds as I can wear cross body.

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  13. WOC seems like a less deliberate wear for me, as compared to the BOY.

    I believe they fit the same amt of stuff and infact, maybe just a tiny bit more for BOY.

    The BOY is CHIC, is Fashionable ... the WOC is.. like I said, less showy and deliberate.

    BUT, given a choice. I wouldn't pay that much for a WOC when fits less or same as the O/M Boy.
    As it is, I do think it O/M Boy cant fit much.
  14. #14 May 27, 2016
    Last edited: May 27, 2016
    thank you all for the advice!! [emoji8]

    I love that the boy WOC is in caviar leather + that it's more understated than a boy flap and less boxy [emoji18]

    I know it probably won't fit in much and it won't be something that i use daily... and most probably I won't use it as a wallet and put it in another bag [emoji848]

    now I came across a preloved Chanel small quilted boy in denim, which is of similar price as the WOC, and not sure if I should just give up on waiting for the WOC and get the small instead (holds more, don't have to worry abt corner wear/ scratches)...

    so torn!!! [emoji85][emoji85][emoji85] which one is more different than the calf chevron old medium?
  15. I have both. I just got the woc 6 weeks ago and since then, I haven't used my boy. It's been my favourite go to wallet bag now for running errands. Having said that, they are very different. They serve different purpose. WOC is not a bag, boy is. If you only need a bag, the boy will have more purpose than woc. If you need something bigger than a wallet, then go with woc! Good luck deciding!
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