Would you choose Pine SGH or Jaune SGH - on a smaller Bbag?

  1. Which colour looks better in a smaller bag or clutch?

    Pine w/ SGH

    Jaune w/ SGH

    Does the silver HW look better against the Pine or Jaune?:confused1:
  2. Jaune w/ SGH

    All the way baby!

    The Pine looks better with GH...

    The Jaune however, with SGH = s:heart:t:heart:u:heart:n:heart:n:heart:i:heart:n:heart:g
  3. Yep, I concur!!!!
  4. Oh good, that's what I was thinking...I'd be interested to hear more opinions though...I think the Pine SGH reminds me of a Christmas Tree - is it just me?
    Nevermind, it probably is just me. I have never gotten over feeling like Santa Clause when I had my RV Courrier!!! :roflmfao:

    Clearly, I think too much.
  5. ITA. bright colors looks even better in smaller items.
  6. i peronsally really don't fancy Pine. i think jaune with silver hardware is quite cool.
  7. Definitely the Jaune SGH!!!:tup:

    That combo is gooorgeous:love:
  8. I think a jaune clutch with SGH would be a perfect amount of jaune and so gorgeous! Is it an envelope clutch? I love Pine, though, even that it makes me think of Christmas trees. I'm a hardcore green lover, which helps.
  9. When you see the pine with SGH, you will see how the zipper tape is blue green and does not match. But pine with GGH matches well. I ordered a pine PT w/GGH from BalNY. The first one they sent was defective and I'm awaiting the replacement. The color combo is great! So, that is my vote.
  10. I agree with everyone, Jaune SGH! The Pine SGH doesn't look so great, the silver mutes the green, but the Jaune SGH, now that's a beautiful pairing!
  11. I'd probably choose Jaune SGH! Jaune is such a great color!! But if I went for pine it would be GGH. I think the gold looks more stunning than the silver on the pine.
  12. Ok, good, I ended up going for the Jaune Envelope Clutch in SGH. I can't wait to see her IRL. I am excited to see Jaune and even more pumped about the silver HW...I'll plaster pics all over the place!