Would you carry your LV bag to a concert?

  1. I am surprising my husband with concert tickets for his birthday in March. (We have never been to a concert together.) I need your advice on whether or not to carry my LV bag. The concert is inside but a little worried if this would be a good idea....and I don't own any other bags other than LV.

    Any advice is much appreciated and BTW----its a rock concert.

    Many thanks in advance!:smile:
  2. Which bag is it?
  3. I would, but bring a small bag that you coudld easily carry around. Maybe something in Damier or any other non mono bag so it could be a little more discreet?
  4. I would carry either my Damier Berkeley (Ebony) or my Tivoli.
  5. I wouldn't even consider carrying a bag like the Tivoli with lots of vachetta. All you would need to have happen is to have someone spill a beer on you, which would easily happen. I would either carry a small Damier bag, or a non-LV bag. People get too drunk at concerts for me to risk a lovely LV bag.
  6. I agree with charleston-mom. Which bag do you have in mind?
  7. i have had the worst luck at concerts/sporting events with bags! in june my girlfriends and i went to see gwen stefani and thank goodness i decided to take one of my least expensive bags (black leather liz claiborne w/ some beading on it, pleats, really cute!) because the ppl sitting above us were slobs and they spilled pop and got food all over the place. we had a stream of pop dripping into our row from theirs. i accidentally put my bag down for a second and i picked it up and it was all sticky. gross! other than that night, i usually take something that i can hang on my wrist. too much danger in putting bags down! i either take my wapity which is also my camera case, or a pochette. i can't really enjoy a game or concert if i'm worried about my bag or i have to put it on my lap. when we go w/ a group and have a suite or something, it's a bit different and i carry whatever, but general seating i definitely say go simple.
  8. You can always not carry a bag with you...
    both are gorgeous but they are a bit big something you don't want in a crowded place!
    You can always bring a pochette to put your cell in...
    Good luck...and have fun in the concert!
  9. It's much easier to not take a bag at all....that way you will be hands free and can dance without worrying about your bag.
  10. for a concert, I would suggest a small wristlet or something, I think the whole night you'll be worrying about your bag and won't be able to enjoy the night as much.. lol. your even worrying before hand (hence this thread) imagine the night of, I say bring a non-LV or small LV so you can enjoy the concert
  11. don't take it! I've made the mistake of taking mine!
  12. That's a good idea...if you have damier I would suggest this, just in case something spills on it accidentally, it could be easily cleaned.
  13. I would suggest a Pochette to carry your essentials.
    Or even just a Clés with your cards and some cash to hang on the little hoop of your jeans :smile:
  14. I wouldn't take either bag. They both seem too big and the Tivoli might get dirty with the vachetta like charleston-mom said and the Berkeley is too nice imo. How about going hands free? Or do you have a pochette?
  15. I would not take a bag, took one to a concert and the place was a sticky mess