Would you buy this bag?

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  1. another minority here. yes, i would and i did. i really enjoy carrying it. the leather is very soft and the style is fun. as a child of the 60's, i can relate to it (and my new beetle bug!) to each their own, eh? i have seen FAR MORE EXPENSIVE that were FAR MORE GHASTLY. so, i do think it is about personal choice.

    (but, i am one that wouldn't buy a LV or DB because they are far too overpriced to look so much like all the fakes. MJ, yes, because they have great classic style for business. but, unless i am in a business meeting situation, i want a bag with a quirky sense of style.)
  2. Big Fiore fan here. I have the big version in green, it's amazing! the leather quality is great. It's not an everyday bag of course, but it's different, boho and hip and you have to dress accordingly.

    I'm personally tired of LV, its style and colours. I own 5 LV and I cannot even look at them anymore! IF has some trendy looking bags and it's more risky...but of course, if you only wear Chanel and the craziest thing you bought in your life is a brown LV monogram, this bag it's not for you...

    Go ahead and buy it! Beware of fakes though, I've seen that particular style on fakes.

  3. overpriced IMO