Would you buy this bag?


Feb 8, 2006
I saw this bag on Adasa.com and thought, "Wow, this is a very loud bag. I can't believe they're selling something like this." But then I thought maybe my taste in bags are too sedate. What do you guys think? Am I off my rocker to think that this bag is over the top(especially at the price of $475.00!) or is this really a fabulous bag and I'm just not seeing something that everyone else is? :huh: Would any of you actually buy it?

Isabella Fiore "Summer of Love" Angelina Hobo in Rust
I saw it IRL and it actually is nice quality and cute....one of my friend's little sis had one. Her sis, always dresses really hip and funky so her outfits fits perfectly with the bag. I think this is one those bags that has to really fit your style of clothes.