Would you buy this bag?

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  1. WAY too boho for me, not IF's best work for sure.
  2. I like it! But I also think that I would tire of it in about a couple of hours. It's cute and very young and would work better on a young teenager (e.g. 13 or 14 years old). They would probably get more use out of it. I see it as a one-time deal take-out purse than anything else.
  3. Nay. Too loud for me :biggrin:
  4. No, I don't like it at all:Push:
  5. Not my style...
  6. Umm I like the art look on it.
    But it look like the 70's.
    We are now year 2006 already.
  7. $20--sure. $475? No way;)
  8. Not my kind of bag.
  9. :P I'll be the one in a million that says yes. Actually contemplated buying the tote version today, but have others topping my list of wants. Big Fiore Fan. Still might buy it :lol:
  10. Any of you old enough to remember Volkswagen buses in the 60s with love and peace paintings on the side? This is the purse version. Nope.
  11. Not for that price...I think you can get similar "boho" looking bags for less elsewhere.
  12. Saw and loved them in person but I still wouldn't buy. Cute though!
  13. Cute to just have

  14. it's kinda kool but i agree with chanelissy
  15. Not only would I not buy it, if someone gave it to me for free, I wouldn't even carry it. Sorry.