would you buy from this seller?

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Feb 25, 2006
well.. something i thought was weird...

this seller


has no feedback on selling, doesn't accept paypal :nogood:.. yet he's making a whole lot of money for all those items that are selling at over 1k each

pictures seem like mostly stock right? or he's just so professional on taking pictures??:confused1: and the listings are just odd.. i dunno how to say it.. just money order, no paypal or any other option.. is that even safe to buy from him?

how come for a new seller he seems to be so successful? i had my first chloe bag sold on ebay a while a back for only 650 bucks when it's an almost 2k value bag... mann, i wanna be like him


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May 10, 2007
im not sure if i would.. because as you mention something seems just off!!

plus the stam is not sold out

i just saw one at bloomingdales last weekend on top of that

there are a bunch on ebay!!

im trying to buy one but im not sure at how much they are ending at id def pay 260 but im so poor much more than that is too much


NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!! Paypal is what keeps you safe from fakes! If you buy a bag from them and it is a fake then you have no one backing you!!! I once bought a fake on ebay and I paid with paypal Luckily. So I warned them and I froze their account and they had to refund me! I also got them kicked off of ebay! Its illegal! Don't do it. Not only that all his bags are going for WAY TOO MUCH!
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