would you buy a dyed Kelly

  1. Hi I saw that too.... I wouldn't go for it. It's a shame that it was dyed from the gorgeous Rouge H to black..... I would always worry that the dye rubs off.
  2. Why would anyone dye a Kelly?!

  3. :rolleyes: no, nah ,never..........
  4. no way!!!
  5. that is the first time i've ever seen anything like that. how old is it??? i mean in what time did someone not know the value of the thing that they had that they would go and dye it? how does one even die a bag like that? i would never even have known it was dyed from the outside.
  6. Is it legit, in any case? What do the experts think?
  7. Hermes has, over the ages, moved the location of the datestamps and craftsman's stamp on the bags. Don't go by location as an indication that the bag is fake, otherwise you will drive yourself crazy trying to authenticate Trims and Evelynes. The 10 is the craftsman's stamp. There is no picture of the datestamp so to be certain I would ask for a picture. She says the bag is stamped E, it needs to be in a circle, which would date it to 1974. The hardware stamp, with the Hermes, Paris stacked on top of each other dates this bag to before the early 1970's. The Hermes, Paris, made in France stamp dates this bag to after 1970. It also appears to be a natural stamp, but remember this bag was dyed. The zipper is accurate for this time period. No double ring, no strap. All the hallmarks are there.
  8. ^^^i'm speechless.
    and that's why you are who you are, and we love you SO much on this forum, hermesgroupie!
  9. I would not buy it. I would be concerned how stable the dye was, will it run in the rain, rub off against you or your clothing ?

    Also, if I remember correctly - Hermes won't refurb a dyed bag. Anyone else know if this is true?

  10. I'm with beaumonde on this one--unless there was a huge blotch/stain on the original, it would have taken serious guts to take the plunge! :wtf: And I agree with hermeslady--even though it's a great price, I'd have some fear as to the dye running.
  11. Blown away again, HG. WOW! Ok. A dyed Kelly? No. IMO, there are plenty of beautiful vintage bags to buy (as well I know) other than this one. I, personally wouldn't buy a dyed bag, vintage or not but that's because I am anal about it being "original". That's part of the beauty of being vintage.
  12. Nope!
  13. would i purchase one? yes, but not at that price. if this bag were $400 AND i had a right to return it if i didn't like the dye job on seeing it IRL. it would be a great extra to have on occasions where you don't want to worry about your good bags -- movies and soda spills, blizzards, children's b-day parties, travel. but i certainly wouldn't spend fifteen hundred bucks on it.
  14. If Hermes had re-dyed it, I would have no problem with it. I would hesitate if another leathersmith worked on it. The exterior seems to be very neatly done. It reminds me of the older quilted Chanels with the burgundy interior.