Would you buy a Batignolles on eBay?

  1. I am longing for a Batignolles. Would you buy one on eBay or is the slight discount not worth the risk? They seem to be going for around $500 on eBay. Is it worth taking a chance to save $200? How can I spot the real thing? Thanks!
  2. I personally would not buy any designer items off of ebay but thats just me. I would rather just pay what it is and buy it at the boutique. I couldnt see spending alot of money and to find out something I bought was a knock off. Besides, theres nothing like the feeling of going into the store and getting a brand new LV:love: .
  3. i would only buy from a MPRS and you can post the auction link here so the experts can help you authenticate it.
  4. Like RoseMary I would buy if I know for sure. Most likely from a RS. Good luck in your search. Let us know how it goes
  5. I am saving for a Batignolles H. I am going to buy it through e-luxury. I wouldn't take the chance buying through e-bay. Spending the extra $200 to $300 is worth it for a new LV! :yes:
  6. Not a Batignolles. I only buy items that are discontinued on Ebay. If it's in the store I would buy it there.
  7. If it was only to save $200, then I'd buy from the Boutique. I've been looking at the Batignolles on eBay and they look too similar to the real deal, so I'd be afraid to buy it from there.
  8. Thank you all. I will keep an eye out for a MPRS on eBay. I love that eBay links can be posted here to verify authenticity! What a great find this site is!

    Have y'all ever seen any Batignolles on Poupette Luxe?
  9. I'd say, save a bit longer and get a new one from the store (my BH is just a couple of weeks old now). You could buy from a MPRS, but if you get a new one, the vachetta is so sweet, and you get to know its whole history.
  10. I'd be weary of fakes.
  11. I agree. I've only made one ebay purchase and it was for one of my discontinued pieces.
    I think it's more worth it to buy a current style from the boutique simply for the peace of mind that it will be guaranteed to be authentic.