Would this be uber cheesy? LOL!

  1. I have a little problem. Not only am I COMPLETELY addicted to Coach, now it seems I cannot stomach a non-Coach wallet being in my Coach handbags. :shrugs: Sooo.....here's the issue...I of course would love a matching wallet for each and every bag I own now but I would rather spend those big bucks on actual handbags. I don't mind buying a matching accessory for a bag if it warrants it (LOL!) I have thought and thought and I think I may have a solution.....I need a wallet for the following....
    -Legacy shoulder bag in khaki/black
    -Legacy shoulder bag in whiskey leather
    -Carly, medium chocolate

    I also have:
    -black/gunmetal sig stripe tote
    -medium black Ergo hobo
    -medium pink/khaki Heritage Stripe tote


    I got the black/gunmetal sig stripe zip around accorian wallet from Santa, so that one works for the ergo and the tote....so....
    long story short....would it be completely tacky to have a patchwork wallet for the first 3 mentioned above that are wallet-less currently? And I was thinking I would splurge and get the pink and khaki zip around wallet for Miss Heritage Stripe with the next PCE.

    I was noticing that on the holiday patchwork one there seems to be a good mix of colors that would be fine with whisky and chocolate, maybe not so much with khaki/black Legacy....sigh.....help! :shrugs:

    I'm well aware there are much bigger issues in the world today than if Jenny has a wallet that looks right, but I figured this was the place to ask! :girlsigh:
  2. Well I think it would be really cute and fun! I don't have matching wallets to all of my bags.. not only do I think it's a lot of money but I also don't like to switch my wallets. I think the ideal thing is to get a wallet that goes well with most or all bags, and has some color or fun to it.. I think you have come up with a great idea! :tup: And as far as bigger issues in the world, we all know what it's like when we are dealing with a Coach dilemma!!!! :graucho:
  3. I think that is a great idea ! I may just do that myself !
  4. Girl...I am SOOOOO feelin' ya on that issue. I have been teetering on what to do myself! I was thinking of getting the Fall Patchwork I so love that one!...But...The Bleecker Patchwork Duffle has a wallet that matches...And...I just purchased the All Leather Small Flap Bleecker. And the Fall patchwork don't have the Tattersall fabric patch. Where as the bleecker tote patchwork DOES! So...I am leaning myself to that one...And it will save time when switching bags...Which I sometimes find myself doing spur of the moment...And being able to toss my already in use wallet into my other bag would save a lot of time!

    But...I too am feeling my current NON Coach wallet is an embarressment to my bag...:shame:.

    Just what is the patchwork called that is on that Bleecker Tote by the way? Any one know?:confused1:
  5. There's a Bleeker patchwork one??? I only saw the holiday patchwork and one I *think* the gallery patchwork???? I think it matched the patchwork Carly that was out??? Maybe I'm nuts....lol....that's entirely possible! HAHA!
  6. There are a ton of Bleecker wallets at the outlets right now for a great price. You should go check them out if you can.
  7. I feel your pain! My only problem is that I HATE switching wallets so right now I'm just using my khaki sig hamptons checkbook wallet in a black sig soho hobo. I'm so embarrassed!!!:shame: It mostly matches my other bags, just not this one at all! And the funniest thing is that I got a black sig wallet for christmas, I'm just too lazy to switch everything over, it's such a pain! I think a patchwork wallet would be a good solution. As long as you have something in the brown family for your brown bags, and black for your black bags, KWIM?
  8. Oh there are? I'll have to mosey up to the outlet maybe tomorrow or Thursday! :smile: Thanks!!!
  9. I think the Holiday Patchwork is GORGEOUS! I have a Holiday Patchwork wristlet right now that I use as my wallet (at least for all of my cards and such) and it goes well with all of my bags.

    I'm actually dreading the fact that once spring comes, I know i'll want a more "spring-like" wristlet but I love the Holiday one so much!!!
  10. I know what you mean!!! That's why I think I need that pink and khaki zip around wallet to match my springy Heritage stripe tote! HAHA!!!! :smile:

  11. I am not certain I am calling it by the right name...On Coach you can see their Bleecker Tote in a patchwork design...And I have seen a wallet that matches it. It very well maybe the holiday patchwork...I frankly don't know my patchwork at all~:shame:

    OK...Now I just checked their site...It's called the HOLIDAY PATCHWORK BLEECKER DUFFLE...THUS...I thought it was their "special" patchwork...:rolleyes: What corner should I sit in...And how long...:rolleyes:
  12. You can sit in the corner with me...I didn't know either! :shame: :upsidedown:
  13. haha I know how you feel! I was fine without a wallet at first... but when I shopped at coach I would slide my cc out of my wallet while it was still in my bag so they wouldn't see it! How terrible am I? haha

    Now I bought a wallet but it doesn't match my bags! haha I am so bad at planning that stuff out!

  14. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!! That's so funny!!!! Sounds like something I would do too!!!! :roflmfao:
  15. I think that sounds like a great idea!