would this be a good college backpack?

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  1. It depends really. How many textbooks/books/stuff in general do you carry on a normal day? And what are your classes like?

    I carry around 3-4 hardcover textbooks, plus a binder, plus pencil bag, wallet, and a bunch of other stuff, so just thinking about having to cram all that stuff into that kate spade bag and actually having to carry it around on campus makes me cringe.

    As for white canvas---what are your classes like? I'm in my third year, and all my classes are pretty small now, but the rooms are still fairly big, so there's always a free chair to put my bag on if I feel the need. Even then though, I always just naturally gravitate away from anything white---it's too easy to get it dirty.
  2. i like the white one better
    but when i go to class, i usually end up having to put my bag on the floor, which is why i prefer darker colors for school :smile: