Would thes be ok for summer?

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  1. I think they do look 'warm.' They call out autumn weather to me.
  2. Yeah that's what I fear they might be a bid too "closed", now I only wear slingbacks in summertime, hmmmmm.
  3. I think it'll look cute with a Summer dress, but might be a little warm due to the top leather area.
  4. I like them and I have a pair of brown platform sandals that I wear all of the time in the summer.
  5. I love them for summer. I don't think they look to warm at all. I agree- super cute w/a lightweight breezy dress.
  6. I love them for summer as well, I used to have a black pair very similar to this style and I wore them to death during the summer. I think it will look great with dresses or with a casual city short and a breezy top!
  7. I think they'd look great for summer but I don't have any. I've never seen a pic of anyone wearing those.
  8. oooooooo!!!!! I tried them on at the Saks signing event! They were wayyy too small, but I still smushed my foot in them just for an idea of what they would look like.hehe...they are beyond cute for summer!!!
  9. I would love to be able to try them on first hmmmm. I think they will look great it's just the fact that they are pretty "closed" and down here it gets really ho.
  10. I think they would be fine for summer; safari is all the rage for summertime and these would look great with that kind of look!
  11. I've been tempted to order these, but I'm trying to find some lower heel shoes for the summer.
  12. To be honest, I'm not a fan of thoese. I think they will be way to closed for summer.
  13. i really like these
  14. i love those, i'm definitely getting them soon. they're really flattering on, and not bad to walk in either.

    i don't see anything "winter" about them, but i never wear peep toes in the winter.