Would really appreciate help to locate a Chloe Paddington Saddle/Messenger Bag

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  1. Hello,

    I am new to the Purse Forum, and up until this year hadn't even seen a Chloe Bag. Unfortunately one Saturday afternoon, I commented on a bag that the manager of a boutique in London was wearing. Right there and then I fell in love with the 'Saddle' bag. I immediately called EVERY Chloe boutique and department store in the world ( mad I Know!!!!), only to be told I am too late.Does anyone out there know of a gently used Saddle bag looking for a new home?My husband and children are fed up with me, and even our puppy is covering his ears when he hears the word 'Chloe'

    Please help !!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Wish I knew!!! I am sure one of the other ladies will be able to help! Welcome to the PF!!!
  3. Did you try Chloe SCP? I just saw one there about 2 days ago
  4. What is SCP?

    Thank you
  5. Looking as well...good luck!
  6. bluefly.com had one also.
  7. Thank you . I have definitely lost the plot about this bag!!!!!
  8. South Coast Plaza. Its in Costa Mesa California. Good Luck!!:biggrin:
  9. The one on Bluefly is shorter, I had a quick look thank you. The Messenger/Saddle Bag is long and worn across the body, and had a big padlock to lock.I think the colours were black,red,tan and blue.I will keep on the mission and keep you updated!!!!!!!
  10. I am going on the phone now to call CSM. What shop do I look for?????
  11. Called CSM, but they don't have this style, it was just a shoulder bag. Thank you for trying to help.
  12. what style is the 'saddle' bag/Messenger? is it the shopper tote? or the large pocket paddy? or the bowler/bugatti?

  13. heinz, is that it??
  14. Hello again,

    Yes that picture is definitely it. Can you help me to locate it???????
  15. You could email Net-A-Porter. They had them before but sold out. I asked them if they were getting this bag back in stock and they said no, then a week or so later they had some and didn't bother to tell me.:evil:
    By then I couldn't get it as had committed funds to buy something else.:mad: