would like some opinions about using this bag in the winter...thanks!

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  1. hi all,
    i got the longchamps 4x4 this summer...i got 20% off with F and F at bloomingdale's and i really love it...i love that the leather is so lightweight and that when it opens you can actually see all your stuff...the color i got is somewhere between sandy and foxy brown...definitely not as light as the sandy, closer to the foxy brown, but, a little lighter...would love to use it now but don't want it to look "out of season"....any opinions would be helpful! thanks!!!!

  2. it's the 12th bag in when you open the link...mine is slightly lighter than the one shown...arrgghhh...thanks for your opinions!
  3. It's a basic year-round bag. Use it whenever you feel like it!
  4. It looks really nice to me. Its more of a fall color in my opinion but definitely not out of style. Wear it :smile:
  5. thanks...i just wanted to know if SCREAMED summer...don't know why i think it would, but where better to ask than here!?
  6. Your bag is perfectly fine for all-year-round wear. I've carried a canvas Marc Jacobs bag in the depths of winter!