would like some input/advice, thanks!

  1. hi all,
    as you may or may not know from one of my posts, i got the elson satchel...it arrived in march and i've used it 3 or 4 times so far...yesterday, one of my colleagues was admiring the bag, however, when she looked at the strap, she saw that it was detaching from the bag; the stitching was coming out of both sides...i took pictures and sent them to HH and they responded and gave me an RMA so that i could return the bag for repair...
    here's my issue...i don't think that a bag should be coming apart after only owning it for a couple of weeks and only using it for 3 or 4 times...what i would really like is to select a different bag because this experience has kind of made me not have a lot of confidence in the elson...i emailed HH back and told them that i would like to exchange the bag for a new bag, and i am hoping that they will be okay with that and that the transaction will go smoothly...i don't really think that a brand new bag should have to be repaired and that perhaps there was just something wrong with it...
    i am having a good experience with the customer service at HH and hope that they will be accommodating of this request....
    what are your thoughts?
  2. I would absolutely ask for a brand new bag-though not sure I'd even want that! What kind of $300++ product falls apart after using it 4x?? That's really screwed up & I think you should not settle for a repair- that's BS. QC seems to be sadly lacking. I'm glad you are letting us know, because personally I don't have hundreds of $$ to throw away no matter how good something looks.
  3. thanks, jewelz...i'm not having a problem with cs, as far as ordering and helping me out with orders have been..i've just never been in a situation like this and i really don't want the bag back...if this had been months and months down the line and i had been using the bag every day, then yeah, a repair would make sense, however, to me now, it doesn't and i would just like a different bag...i don't want to appear unreasonable and wanted to know what people here thought...
    i would be happy to order it in the red or navy or get another conrad...i just don't want this particular bag back...does that seem unreasonable of me?
    i'll update you on how the transaction goes...i really do love HH and the CS there has been good so far, so, if you are going to order something, i wouldn't hesitate...i'm just hoping that they let me do what i'd like to do in this case.
  4. That's really disappointing, song. Sorry to hear this happened. I have the dune elson and have carried it for the last two weeks...just checked it after reading this and (luckily) don't see any problems. I haven't written a review yet but I was really impressed with the quality...not that it's better quality that my older HH bags, but after getting the new carryall I was worried that the quality of their bags was going to be crappier.

    I understand what you're saying about not wanting that bag back--I don't think I would either. You must have received it less than a month ago in which case it doesn't seem like there would be any problem with you returning the defective bag for store credit. Even though it's pretty much the same thing, I can see how a straight up exchange for another bag could be a little iffy. It might come across less like you're concerned about the quality/defect and more like you decided you weren't into the color. Good luck and let us know what happens!!
  5. thanks, paelaf...i actually got a PM here from a lovely person at HH and the message stated that i would be able to get a new bag of my choice...i love the elson, so, i have asked to have a new elson in candy apple...i'm hoping that my elson was just a fluke thing and that this new one will be great...they're going to get back to me and let me know what the details are...
    thanks for all the support here!
    AND i have to say that the CS at HH has been great...
  6. That's great--I hope this one is perfect! The pics of the CA Elson have been gorgeous.
  7. I'm glad it's working out for you, SOTS! HH CS has been super helpful lately!
  8. thanks! i hadn't bought an HH bag in a while, but, was getting tired of the same old same old and went back to them because i love great indie companies that haven't sold out...i love that when i buy a bag, there's a youtube video that i can watch that tells me all about the bag! i love that the leather is amazing and that there is such attention to detail...i have been pleasantly surprised by the customer service; having been contacted with PMs here, telling me that i could pick a replacement bag! so, i'll keep you all updated...btw...also got my conrad in mint...it's beautiful!!!
  9. OOOHhh can you post a picture of the minty conrad? I am so in love with that color! And yea, HH bags really are the epitome of perfection to me in terms of design. I keep trying to venture out but I get insanely disappointed and return to HH. Some of their bigger bags are too heavy for me so I've been checking out a vegan company (just because I am an animal lover) called Urban Expressions for larger bags...but for everything else I think I will always be an HH girl! Let us know when you get your new bag, SOTS!
  10. SOTS: whew-so glad to hear they are making it right! I have been mostly happy with the resolution of things lately, though a defective bag is much more serious than a defective shopping codes-it does just sound like a fluke-I re-read my reaction to your post & I guess I was really upset(for you, and at the thought of any of us in that situation!) ITA about why U love HH in the first place & I'm dying to see Minty Conrad too-just in time for an Easter Parade;)