Would knowing caffeine content make you drink more or less soda?

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  1. I just saw an article in the WSJ online about how soda companies are going to start disclosing caffeine content on the bottles...and one of the worries is that people will consume MORE caffeine or that there will be competition for for the higher caffeine content drinks...

    I got thru my periods of caffeine addiction & caffeine abstinence... but I'm not sure what'd I do... I suppose it would depend on how big of a jolt I'd need!! :graucho:

    What about you?
  2. I would have to drink less. I get way too anxious if I have too much caffeine, and I already scaled down to 16 oz. per day on most days, but I try to fit in caffeine-free days as often as possible.
  3. Well I don't drink much anyway so it wouldn't really affect my consumption. I tend to stick to water a lot.
  4. It would make me drink more. I won't lie, the caffeine helps me keep going.
  5. Disappointingly, I seem to have developed quite a high tolerance for caffeine which means that I am exploring alternate sources as I simply don't have it in me to drink the amount of coffee/tea/soda I would need to meet my requirements. My latest thing is the caffeine-loaded gums and mints (available at thinkgeek among other places).

    So to answer your original question---too much is never enough, at least for me.
  6. Don't drink sodas tbh.. for some reason I get weird pains in my lungs/chest area if I drink a bit of a fizzy drink.
    I just stick to water/tea/milk/fruit juice.
  7. Ditto. :supacool:
  8. I've given up sodas with caffeine and limit myself to a medium coffee in the morning (before 10 am). I have a hard enough time sleeping as it is.. any extra caffeine does not help.
  9. Sugared sodas are nasty.... I've completely cut those out of my diet. Too many health issues with those drinks.

    I drink a cup of coffee a day, but I don't really need it. Sometimes I forget to drink it!