Would it be wrong to buy just one more Coach bag?

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  1. Aside from 1 wristlet and 1 charm, I hadn't bought any Coach in a year and a half until the beginning of June. Now I've bought 5 bags, a wallet and 5 charms/fobs in the past 5 weeks. All the bags were 50% off retail (well, one was slightly more than that on eBay but if I figured in local taxes, then it's still 50% below retail).

    And now I'm desperately craving a Parker Hippie.

    Would it be horribly wrong to buy just 1 more?? At full price?

    Can't I think of it as I've bought 5 bags over the past year and a half?:graucho:

    (Of course I'm pretty sure you are all going to tell me to go for it and I know a bunch of you have bought more than that in the same period of time.)
  2. I'll go against the grain and say no, don't buy full price. But then again, I'm a frugalista and would rather buy two bags at half price than one bag at full price!
  3. If you've got the $, why not? :smile:
  4. If you have the money, honey...go for it! I don't even want to tally the total number of bags/accessories I've bought in a year's time :nogood: But like another poster said, try to not pay full price and go the outlet/evilbay/PCE route :tup:
  5. Love the word frugalista! :nuts: I agree and I would not pay FP...but would not tell you not to buy another bag!
  6. For me, it would be wrong to buy anything more (2 bags in the past week and lots of accessories have put me on a ban), but if you have the funds, then no, it's not wrong. If you think it's something you'll use, then I say go for it!
  7. Buy, buy, buy! LOL We are such enablers. But I do try to avoid FP at all times seeing the deals I can get elsewhere.
  8. I'd say shop around. Do some outlet stalking and calling and see if you can find one for a good price and do a charge-send or something (I think some ladies on here have had some luck with Parker hippies at outlets). In the end, its your decision. If you have the funds then go for it especially if you'll use the bag a lot.
  9. You are asking the wrong crow here :P. If you have the means, go for it!
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    We can't tell you if it's wrong for you, only you can decide that. I can say, however, that I loved the parker hippie in cinnamon enough to buy it full price. I didn't want to risk not being able to find it later. If you love it enough, get it :smile:
  11. I'm always okay with buying at full price if it's a bag that I LOVE and have to have. If I feel like I'd be willing to chance finding it at an outlet or on the Bay or something later, I'll do that, though. I did buy my Parker Hippie at full price months ago and have DEFINITELY gotten my money's worth! If you can afford it, definitely do it! :biggrin:
  12. My Parker Hippie is about the only bag I've paid FP for, I fell in love with the cinnamon and I seriously doubt I'll ever find it at an outlet so I splurged. Now I'm going to buy one of the new colors coming out, too. If you really love the bag enough and have the money, why not? Of course, for me there's always "just one more bag" I really want. :P
  13. It is the cinnamon one that I want. Sounds like a couple of you fell in love with that one too. I wish there was a PCE coming up.
  14. When I asked at the boutique about the PCEs they said that they were only notified a week in advance and that's about how early they call to let you know. I don't know how true that is, but Coach's new fiscal year starts soon, so they might have an upcoming PCE. The SA did say that Coach will be cutting down the PCEs to about 4 a year or so. We'll see though.
  15. Heck yeah girl....buy, buy, buy!!! Buy it and think of poor old me, I haven't bought a bag since APRIL.....aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! And I'm not going to be able to buy another one until next month, 4 whole months with no retail therapy!!! I'm having such withdrawals it's not even funny. You buy that bag, you KNOW you want to!