Would it be crazy to....

  1. return the new Leigh Flap bag for another Mandy? I already have the Mandy in Natural, but I'm thinking I'd like to have it in black. Thoughts please.
  2. nope, I love the Mandy and it would be awesome in black!
  3. When I love a bag I tend to like it in multiple colors. I have a whiskey and a black Ali. I have a denim and a black leather large Carly. I have a white, red, and black patent Ergo hobo. I do this with shoes and clothes too. It may seem odd to some people but it works for me.
  4. if you like the mandy better than it's def not crazy :smile:
  5. Nope--- if you like a style that much-- do it up right!!! :yes:

    I have officially decided that I will own a Carly in every color I :heart:....

    Unfortunately, I haven't found a color that I don't like... :p

    Go for it!!! :tup:
  6. I am returning the Leigh Flap because the shoulder strap is too short. Since you have the Mandy, can you sell me on it?
  7. If you prefer the mandy, then GO FOR IT!!!! Make it your signature bag :nuts:
  8. Follow your heart! Haha, I know that probably doesnt help. I can relate though, I like the same style in multiple colors too (same thing applies to clothes, haha). Definitely not crazy!
  9. get whichever one you love, even if its the same bag in 2,3 or even 4 diff colors

    not crazy at all!!
  10. YES YES! Another Mandy!
    LOL, sorry I'm in love with Mandy so seeing that you are considering getting another makes me happy.
    But seriously, if you are having second thoughts, then you really don't like the bag as much as you should to justify keeping it. Why don't you try on the black Mandy and see if you like it better enough to trade it in?
    There's absolutely nothing wrong with having multiples. Get what makes you happy =)
  11. Defintately get another Mandy! If you are even thinking about exchanging the Leigh, it's definately not the right bag for you!
  12. GET ANOTHER MANDY!!!!! The poster who said to make that YOUR signature bag is RIGHT!!!!!!!
  13. It works for me too!;)
  14. Do it... I have the Mandy in Natural & Black!!
  15. Stick with what you love! :yes: