Would Damier Speedy be good in the rain?

  1. I live in Michigan and it's been raining so much here and I'm paranoid about carrying my mono speedy or manhattan pm out in the rain because of the water marks the rain might leave on the vachetta.

    Which speedy would be good in the rain and not leave water marks?

    Does mini lin speedy come in 25?
  2. You can bring the damier speedy out in the rain b/c it doesn't have any vachetta!
  3. I think an epi speedy should be fine. I dont have a speedy, but I have a pochette in black epi and she got stuck in the rain and nothing happened to her!
  4. We've had rain non stop for the past week, and I've carried only my damier speedy.

  5. Great choice * damier that is* for rain season /bad weather.
    Mini lin only comes in the 30.
  6. :yes:
    damier is a very good choice....... no vachetta, no worries
  7. Damier will be fine in the rain. :yes:

    I've carried my Damier bags in the rain and in the snow and the leather straps looked just fine! They were in great condition.
  8. That's what I love about damier... some days are super rainy here, sometimes multiple days in a row, and I never have to worry about damier getting messed up.
  9. You definitely won't have a problem with damier.
  10. I carry my Damier in the rain as well...and no problems at all! Some people will recommend that when you get inside just gently dry the hardware :smile:
  11. Absolutely, damier is the best in the rain:yes:
  12. Once I was carrying a mono speedy in rain. It got all wet but no water spot at all on the handles. I was inpressed.
  13. Damier... no problems in the rain. I :love: my speedy 30... it survived rain, storms, beaches, etc. :yes: It's still like new:yahoo:
  14. Damier is my bag of choice in the Fall and Winter. All my Mono items get to hibernate until Summer!
  15. I have a lot of epi~ Just took one to the misting world series...No problems...just an FYI:flowers: