would anyone really buy this bag from ebay? >>>

  1. this bag has been around for a while. no way i will spend that much on a bag!
  2. thats nuts!
  3. Nope...I think that's too much.
  4. I have to admit that I would jump if I had an extra $12,000. Although I do have savings, a Chanel crocodile bag, no matter how drop-dead gorgeous, unfortunately cannot pay the bills. Shame :sweatdrop:
  5. While I find it to be an extremely beautiful bag, I won't even spend $100 on eBay, much less $12,000. It isn't even the cost of the bag so much as the fact that I simply don't trust eBay. There is no gurantee that you'll get your money back if you get scammed (no matter what eBay/PalPal say) and I couldn't imagine taking that risk.

    If I found it from a reputable store and I had the extra money, I may consider it... just not from eBay.
  6. What is the SRP on this bag, anyone know?:confused1:
  7. Yeah If I was rich lol.
  8. I wouldnt...i dont think the croc even looks good on that bag. I wouldnt even pay 1000.
  9. i would if i had a lot of money. but then again, if i had that much money i'd get it straight from chanel and not from sketchy sketchy ebay.
  10. Not on Ebay, where's the fun??? If I wanted that purse I'll have my personal assistant call Karl and have him sent it to me from Paris, personally delivered by a very nice eye candy guy.... :shame: a girl can dream...
  11. ^^^:roflmfao: !!!

    Way too much to spend on ebay, and way more than I've ever spent on a bag!
  12. I just don't like croc, so that would be a big NEVER for me.
  13. no thanks!
  14. I sure do like that idea:graucho: