Would anyone buy this?

  1. I did a search on the forum but couldn't find any info about it.

    Pardon me, I'm staying in a country with no winter so this is something unusual. Just wondering if anyone would actually buy and use this. Can it be used as a bag too? :confused1:

    Credit: Style
  2. I forgot to mention that they're from the Fall 2007 collection.

    Just look at this croc one!!

    Credit: Style
  3. And another croc

  4. These are just not my style even though the croc is pretty.
  5. I would not buy this style.
  6. That's crazy!
  7. heehee.... a "muff". No I wouldn't buy one...gloves are more practical!
  8. Nein! I think they're strictly mufflers.
  9. They look really nice..... on someone else...:graucho:
  10. Looks really cute, but I don't like using mufflers, not even in the dreadliest of winters.
  11. I SO would wear one of these - how fabulous!! Mind you , it doesn't suit schlepping around where I live - I live in a warm climate like you do, Queenie....but I would if I lived in a climate that snowed for sure!
  12. cute stuff but probably just for runway.
  13. I have a love affair with the Kelly so its toooo Hot!!! Totally fabulous and if i were a woman, lived in the right climate and had money to burn than YES!
  14. I think it´s gorgoeus and stylish but wouldn´t buy it since it´s a lot of money on and it´s not even a purse.
  15. ^ Yeah, if we have that kinda $$ to burn. :roflmfao: