Worth buying a bag in Venice?

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  1. I'm been a little bummed lately because I am going to Venice soon, and all along I had planned to splurge on a Montaigne at the BV boutique there. I just bought a maxi Veneta earlier this summer and don't technically *need* another new bag, but I was motivated by the romantic idea of getting one as a souvenir from Venice and also by the favorable exchange rates.

    But lately the Euro has just shot up so much that there really isn't much financial incentive to make the purchase there. I'm not sure if it's still worth the hassle of lugging extra stuff around with me during the rest of my trip (Venice is the first stop of a multi city Europe tour). Do you think I should just wait to buy the Montaigne at home? I'm currently living in Hong Kong btw.
  2. I was in Italy in April and stopped in both the Venice and Florence stores. Venice had two different locations that were very close together--one for men and one for women.

    The Venice store is very small, so there is not a huge selection. It is quite possible that they wouldn't even have a montaigne there. Like you, I wanted something to remind me of my trip, so I did end up buying a small clutch.
  3. The exchange rates were high when I went to Venice, so I only bought something small. The store is tiny but the staff was really friendly!
  4. Hmm, I didn't realize the store was so small. If they don't have a Montaigne, then that will make this decision easy for me. Perhaps it isn't meant to be...
  5. Isn't Venice the home of BV? Maybe I'm mistaken. I would think in a city with so many tourists they would have a large store.

    I'd definitely visit the shop but buy where the price is best.
  6. If there is no Montaigne, buy a small wallet or bracelet as a reminder of the trip.

  7. There is no duty to import into HK from the US, it is the same if you import from the EU? If there is no import duty, have it sent, you get it VAT Free so you have a saving of about 18% (pretty sure it's 18%) and you get a lovely reminder of your Holidays in Venice. Amazing city btw! Have a great time!
  8. Yes, it is.

  9. In Italy the IVA tax is 20%.
  10. Reading this thread makes me want to return to Italy and visit every BV shop in the country! I'm positive I would not be able to resist buying at least one thing as a memento of a wonderful trip.
  11. I am from Hong Kong too and I've realized that luxury goods in HK have recently gotten more expensive. If you have time before your trip, maybe you can check the price first. I went to Venice this summer and got a better deal on the petal intrecciato crossbody bag than I would have back at home. I also believe the prices in HK already have tax embedded in them whereas you can get a VAT refund in Italy.

    If you have time to venture outside of Venice for a few hours, I highly recommend going to the BV outlet at Noventa di Piave. The SA at the Venice store was really helpful with giving me directions but you can also Google it (I've written a thread about it on this forum actually).

    Have a good time in Europe!
  12. Actually I believe the home of BV is Vicenza, just outside of Venice. It's not really worth going to Vicenza though because it is very out of the way. I'm not even sure they have a store there.
  13. Thanks everyone for the helpful answers. I didn't realize having the store ship to HK was an option. It would be great if I could avoid paying VAT and going through the complicated refund process. What are shipping costs like?
  14. 40 to 60 Euros for a Cabat to Asia.
  15. Thanks LT Bag Lady. My shopping hopes are back up again!