worst day at work


Sep 6, 2006
do you just ever have one of those days where you want to scream bloody murder?

i thought about putting this in the pet peeves thread but it doesn't really fit.

i just need to vent.

so my other job besides working at coach (as some of you pfers might know) is working at a doctor's office.

it's a two person show, meaning i'm the assistant, he's the doctor.

i swear if i wasn't the most over paid assistant ever i would leave in a heart beat (that and my mother would not let me quit, long story)


the day started with me going to work, and it's super slow in the morning, so when he asked me to mail some medicines over at the post office; i thought it would be a simple day.

but nope, apparently one of the packages to japan cannot be sent without an invoice. so i called him in the office to let him know and he starts screaming/yelling at me about how this "never happened to him before" and "what do you mean invoice"

he basically wanted me to get the post office worker's name, and also have him/her give him an example of what an "invoice" was even though i tried to explain to him over the phone what it was he was having none of it.

it wouldn't be so bad if the post office worker wasn't pissed off by his requests, and being the middle person, as i tried to explain to him, he still felt the need to photocopy the post office's handbook (guide to mailing stuff i suppose) and circle, and put a star next to the rule were any commerical mail to japan required two invoices.

oh boy, and then it gets even better, he feels the need to redo the whole process just to show me that the computer spews out the same msg! of requiring invoice :rolleyes:

when i get back to the office, with the photocopy in my hand and the names written on it. my boss tells me next time i should get the name, then i calmly point out that it is written on the paper, along with the reciept (of the other package) attached.

he feels stupid for a second there i bet.

so it's pretty quiet through out the hour, with virtually no patients, when a swarm of them comes in.

next thing you know there is a room full of them and of course, by sheer bad luck, the first to go in are two patients who are new, and are together and who just happened to take up two and a half hour's worth of time with my boss

and i was left to deal with the unhappy patients and the seniors who are tired and waiting forever!

and not to mention he expects me to be super woman or something!

example, a patient comes out and he tells me to charge them the month's fee and also to write down their names so he can send them the medicine. then the next second he turns around, looks at the room that that same patient just came out of and has this :wondering why isn't this room cleaned?

most of the patients finally have left now but it's forty five minutes pass the time i'm suppose to have left but i'm here helping finish up the rest of the patients

(*i'm allowed to vent here on the computer because he's with the patients now)

i have more stories to tell, one includes landing on my bum; anyone else have or had a "worst day at work?"


Feb 6, 2006
yeah sure i'll do one since no one else has responded.

so i'm at work (restoration hardware), and doing my visual stuff, signing new sales, and such.. and then it all comes domino effect style at me.. associates asking where the signs are for one thing, asking how much something is for another, saying the signs are priced wrong for something else, asking where the right price sign is so they can look for it themselves.. blah blah blah blah... omg i wanted to shoot them all. first off, everyone DUMPS their sh!t into the visual area, so nothing is organized (as i left it) so nothing can be found. and of course, when you lose something, you dig things up to find it, and when you dig, you put crap on top of other crap, then you pile that onto something else and move and stack and move and stack.

anyway, it leads to a very large mess within minutes.. and i spend HOURS cleaning and organizing the section at least twice a week.. then they all go in and mess it all up again.

i was fed up and made out a sign and stuck it on a huge box that blocked the visual isle. the sign read:

Please dump your visual finds, missplaced signage, visual supplies, etc here in this box! If you are looking for a sign, fill out the form below and I will get to it next time I come in.

If you are missing signage, supplies, price tags, etc. Then stop the dumping. This was organized for a reason!

i came in the next day and the visual area was as clean and organized as i had left it. happy i was. then i looked in the box and it was like a little hurricane had whipped its way through inside mixed with signs, placeholders, signholders, double sided tape, frameholders, elastic cord, plate racks and all sorts of junk. i was like.. hmm.. well at least it's in the box.. but still.. it reminds me of how horrible the associates are when it comes to doing something they're not supposed to... so annoying and frustrating.


Aug 26, 2006
No work stories to share, but my sympathies to both of you. ms-whitney, it sounds like the doctor has that "god-complex" that many of them have--they are never wrong and it's someone else's fault!

Jen Loves LV

Aug 19, 2006
i know how you feel, today got on off on the wrong foot... my database for keeping track of campus activities and what my officers are doing decided it wasn't gonna work for me, right when i had an officer go on a call! I get another dispatcher to log me in to hers and while i'm running someone for wants and I need to print it the dang printer runs out of paper. All the while the phone is ringing and i'm tripping over myself in the office trying to get paper for the printer!