1. My MbMJ faridah is supposed to arrive today. Only I had it shipped to my aunt's house (down the street) to avoid the nagging of my parents when YET another bag arrived at the door. As I was tracking the purchase I realized oh no! I shipped to the wrong house number. My aunt's house is 921 and I instead had it shipped to 920. Luckily there is no such house as 920 on the street. UPS tracking says it still out for delivery. If they realize there's no such house will they just hold onto it until it's picked up??? I can't bare the thought of never getting my bag especially because this was MY mistake. :crybaby:I think this was a sign to me that I need to go on a purse ban!!!:ban:
  2. Hm....

    Hopefully... the UPS guy will know your aunt? and recognize the mistake?
  3. phew, no they just put "no such address. ups trying to find correct address" so i called them and gave them the correct one, and it'll be there tomorrow :sweatdrop::shame: Think I'm still gonna go on a purse ban though =/
  4. wow! I'm glad that worked out for you!!
  5. Have you gotten your bag yet?
  6. Yeah Frances what's up with the bag????
  7. Fate has spoken. You need to let your loved ones know that you are a handbag afficianado, and that there's no changing that. They need to accept you as the bag lover that you are! If all else fails, gift a nice bag to your Mom and convert her. That's what I had to do!

  8. You're SO lucky to have understanding family members for ur bag OBSESSION! :drool:

    My family can't seem to understand, but then I did have some problems w/ controlling my spending habits. SO i guess I should be more understanding of them! :rolleyes:

    But it good to know that u converted ur mother in some way, and hopefully, now she understands more about our handbag addictions! :p

  9. Has it arrived to you?? Please let us know! We are all dying to see pics of ur bag! :greengrin: