World's Ugliest Fake Gauffre

  1. Oh goodness!

    It looks like a *ruched* HEFTY bag!! :throwup:

  2. Aren't these HIDEOUS, Pad? Can you also tell I'm bored silly at work and reporting fake Pradas to eBay? :supacool:
  3. It makes you wonder whether the people who made those have actually seen the real thing or not doesn't it?
  4. I must say PP you are great at spotting all these fakes!!!

    I almost feel like we should have a thread that is strictly for fakes - it might be easier than *authenticating* on the spot when ppl write in for an asap answer before they hit "buy it now". :tup:

    I'm not good at authing at all! Even thought I've got about 3 Pradas here, I'm still not so good unless it's the SAME EXACT bag I own.

    I'm glad you're bored PP... cuz you're entertaining me! :yes: hah!
  5. OMG--I know next to nothing about Pradas, but those are hideous. For some reason, that last one gets me the most.

    Keep the streets safe for real Pradas, PP. Good job!
  6. i could never identify those fakes...thanks for your vigilance!
  7. Shocking Prada, so many have sold that pathetic Pathwork bag as authentic! Glad you are reporting, I do also when i find, eBay rarely acts!
  8. UGH- that plastic needs to be burned!
  9. ick! :throwup:
  10. I love it when the fakes come with those "genuine leather" swing tags!
  11. Gross!
  12. The scary thing is those poor buyer paying hundreds of dollars for something that is worth nothing!!