world trade center movie

  1. it's probably because hubby is a firefighter so i get sensitive about these things, but a movie trailer has NEVER made me cry before and i'm sitting her bawling. it comes out in august and looks very good. thought i'd share.
  2. I hope I don't see that trailer. That day was bad enough, I don't think I could stand watching a movie about it. :sad:
  3. I saw this the other night when we went to the DaVinci Code. I cried, too. It looks like it will be incredibly difficult to watch. I don't know if I will be able to make it through the movie if I could barely make it through the trailer. It looks like it will be very moving.
  4. The United 93 trailer made me bawl. Those images just fiercely pulls on your emotions and memories.
  5. I watched part of a special on A & E re:Flight 93, it was so sad and I was unable to finish watching it.

    9/11/01 is forever etched in my brain and I know I would not be able to sit through the trailer let alone a movie to see that horrible day again! :cry:
  6. I don't think I could sit through this movie and relive that day again without being extremely distraught, I lost to many friends. :cry:
  7. Oliver Stone is a very intense director.
  8. i think its way TOO SOON since the tragedy to make movies about it. i was at the da vinci code and another 9/11 based movie is coming out. im disgusted. its not like its been a decade or two where the movies could serve to teach people who didn't live through it. the only purpose is to CASH IN and make millionaire actors such as nick cage (hes in the new one) EVEN RICHER UGGGG. im getting heated. i choose not to see it but dont hold it against anyone who does
  9. I think too many people have forgotten that day.

    Too many people choose to stick their heads in the sand and not deal with anything "unpleasant".

    And as for the United 93 movie...the families were consulted and agreed to the film.
  10. that is my view as well. if they were donating, say, 90% of the proceeds (no, I DON'T think that's unreasonable) to some charity, I'd be fine with it. but come on, this is just a way to earn money!! that's what makes me mad!

  11. a-m-e-n. too soon to milk a tragedy and make millions off people's emotions. hollywood doesn't care.

  12. What was it... 10% of the first weekends proceeds went to a 911 charity fund? pathetic, to say the least. i won't watch either movies. i don't need hollywood to remind me what's f:censor:ed up in the world.
  13. It's seems like every time I turn around there's another movie about 911...there were at least two or three made for tv ones and now the big screen...seems like also the aim (and timing) might be to keep reminding people about it so we won't question the war. Feels exploitive of emotions. And yes, if people had sensitivity, they would know that it is just too soon.
  14. I was born in NY, raised in NY, and I still live in NY to this day. September 11th was a horrific day! I am still not ready to see this movie. I don't know if I ever will be. It's just too painful .....
  15. obviously apparent with new orleans... 10 months after the disaster and it still looks like the hurricane hit last week. :sad:

    movies like this however.. intrigues me. i have the time magazine special that came out like the day or something after it happened. i haven't seen United 93 yet but i want to. might make it a double whammy with this one too.

    both trailers made me tear up and cry too.