Working list of top 5 Korean clinics for revision rhinoplastic surgery. Where should I go?


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May 7, 2020
I am headed to Korea for my revision rhinoplastic surgery. I have a working list of my top 5 clinics in Gangnam Gu area ( ID,MOTIVE,JW,DA,VIEW ) I really want to meet the doctor and see how credible they are. Unfortunately, I can’t do anything due to the COVID19, 14 day quarantine period is too long for me.

Still, Korea is the leading place for getting more beautiful.
I'm doing my revision rhinoplastic surgery because I don't like my nose now -I want it to be softer.
Also note that there is a lot of change with each clinics - doctors come/they go, etc so I'm not even sure that some of the places that I want to visit are still viable.

Anyway, let’s be patient , we shouldn’t be too hasty if we want a good result.