1. If my city fits on my shoulder (just barely) will the work fit too? :confused1:

    Are the work's handles a little longer than the city?
  2. The City and the Work handles are the same (at least mine are). Both fit the same under your shoulder. There was a thread earlier about the 07 works having longer handles I believe so I suppose it depends on what year your Work is.
  3. I think the work fits slightly better over your shoulder than the city. I can fit my work over my shoulder but not my city bags.
  4. Thanks! Considering getting a work, but if I can't get it on my shoulder with just a shirt on (no coat), I know I won't use it..

    Any more thoughts?
  5. welp, i've got 3 works & i love all of them to bits thing i can tell you is the handles stretch out quite a bit with use...but i still can't get them over my big winter puffer coats!!! :p
  6. Work won't fit over a coat or thick sweater unless you have tiny arms with no flappers :rolleyes:
  7. i can fit my work over my winter down jacket (my jacket is not that puffy tho) but it usually slides down after a little while so i have to re-adjust it.
  8. Oh, I have flappers :roflmfao: . But I live in a mild climate, so not too worried about the coat issue.

    I think I will give the work a try :yes: .