Work Vs. Weekender

  1. as much as i love b-bags, shame on me don't have either one of them~:shame: so it's time for my action!:drool: i figured i'd probably ending up getting both of them, but which one should come first? or which one is more pratical for everyday use? any suggestions?

    just wondering for u girls who own weekender, is it too big for everyday use, the
    handle is able to go on the shoulder, right?

    here are what's on my mind:
    ink work; brown/caramel weekender and many more:sweatdrop:

    thanks in advance for ur advices~
  2. Definitely work. Many people think even Work is too big for everyday carrying, and the weekender is quite a bit bigger than that.

    I'd like a weekender also, but exactly for that, long weekends somewhere. I wouldn't use it for everyday schlepping. good luck.
  3. Work is a better everyday bag, it looks more formal. The weekender might be too big for day to day use, although I personally love the weekender more.
  4. i use my works and weekenders as everyday bags. the weekender slouches and isn't really that much bigger than the work (to me). than again, i'm really desensitized to big bags, because i think the city is tiny.

    yuji, how tall are you?
  5. I would go for a WORK! hehehe, esp. INK work!
  6. The handles aren't great for carrying on the shoulder for either the Work or the Weekender, especially when wearing a coat. I wish Balenciaga would make the handles longer (e.g., like the Men's weekender), or add a shoulder strap!
  7. i have the work and love it. i can't speak personally for the weekender, but i have tried one on, and honestly it slouches so much that it doesn't look that much bigger than the work.
    it depends on how tall you are as well.
    as far as the handles - they fit if you have tiny shoulders, but yes a heavy coat might make the bag difficult to carry.
    maybe start with a work - plus an ink work sounds beautiful!
  8. I was also trying to decide between the Work and the Weekender. The Weekender was ridiculously big on me- I'm 5'0. The Work fits alot of stuff--I use it as my carryon, not an everday bag.
  9. I use my Work as an everyday bag too. I can't imagine I ever considered getting a City (would be too small) cos the Work is just perfect! :yes:

    Perhaps you can start with the Work, and work ya way up to a Weekender? That way, you can ease your inception into big bags, and not get scared off. ;)
  10. I would go with a Work as well. I was advised against the Weekender from my SA because it's so big that it's like a duffle bag and as the name denotes, is probably better for toting during travel even though it is inches wider and taller than the work. I've never tried the work either but I'm really excited about getting one!