Work or Weekender in Ink or Marine?

  1. Has anyone seen Work or Weekender in Ink or Marine :confused1:

    I've been keeping my eye out for a darker blue bag and have not had any luck. Did Bal even make the Weekender in Ink :confused1: If any of you lucky ladies have one, please post pics :smile:
  2. At one point the NM in Houston had a Work in Marine! I love both colors! Good Luck finding one!
  3. Ohhh, thanks for the tip :dothewave: ... I'll call first thing tomorrow :yes:
  4. Erica(hgbags) had Marine Work a few weeks ago, but I think she sold out of them.

    Also, I've seen an Ink WE on eBay about 2 weeks ago....I'm not sure if it had a winner or not. Sorry!

    They're both gorgeous colors....for it being the current color, I believe Marine would be easier to locate.
    Good luck!
  5. Marine has MUCH better leather than Ink. Some 06 Ink's are very veiny and thin. You'd have to be lucky to find a good Ink leather. In bigger bags, it's important to have good thick strong leather that won't be prone to peeling or cracking EVER!
  6. Grrr, I was not actively looking because the money tree is slow to grow, now that it's harvest time... I've missed them :crybaby: I'll email Erica now to see if she has any Marine left. I bet the Ink WE was TDF :crybaby:
  7. PEELING and CRACKING :wtf: On a Bbag? on a bag that is so freaking costly :wtf: OMG, has this happened to many owners :confused1:
  8. I've seen INK in work or WE too but it's a previous season 06 and i'm not sure if some stores still carry that esp Bal NY is comin out with new 07 Seasons and i doubt they might for Marine, i have yet to see it in work/style probably someone has seen that.......:smile:
  9. Regardin the INK WE on eBay, it has already sold~~
  10. I just looked through the Work Club pics... OMG :drool: :drool: :drool: I've got to find a blue Work :search:

  11. That was me :yahoo: Here's a pic of the WE. I love this bag so much!!!
    ink we..jpg
  12. *LOL*.....In fact, i remember that it's someone from pfer but not sure who...hahaha, congrats for this great bag...this is a gd deal as i was also hesitatin whether to bid on it since it's a fabulous bag but i rather continue to hunt for my INK work instead.........:yes: :yes:

  13. Thanks Celia !! I was desperate for an ink larger than a city and since I lost out on the other ink WE auction back in april, I couldn't resist this awesome deal.... good luck finding your work! :smile:
  14. i love marine ! goodluck finding your bbag
  15. good luck on your search. i always see an ink pop up on ebay every once in awhile.