Work Bag on wheels?

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  1. I just got the troubling recommendation from my chiropractor: that I should stop carrying (or more accurately) lugging my teacher bags around, and instead start using something on wheels. Does anyone have something attractive on wheels to suggest, not too heavy, preferably vertical orientation? I ordered a beautiful McKlein LaGrange bag, but it was 9 pounds, too much to lift in and out of the car. Under $500 would be great. Thanks for your suggestions. Suzi
  2. I have the same problem - years of dragging work stuff around and my back/shoulders are wrecked. I bought great Knomo bag recently - lightweight, roomy with lots of pockets and it has long handles too, making it easy to hand-carry if needed. Best of all, the wheels run really smoothly. I wish I had invested in one years ago. I think they're around £200 - mine was an eBay bargain (they often pop up there) at £38! They look really luxurious too, quilted and pretty colours alongside the basic black.
    Hope that helps!
  3. I know that there are bags that detach from the wheels, but I'm not sure how light that would make the separate pieces for lifting. That is the problem with wheeled bags, the wheels make them heavier.
  4. Thanks. I read somewhere that Pippa Middleton is a knomo fan, I've never seen it in person, but i'll look now. Great suggestion, thanks.
  5. The problem with many wheeled bags is the wheels are so small, they don't run that smooth. Shopping trolleys/carts like Royal Shopper and Rolser don't look as glamorous, but make for a much smoother ride. There was one brand that made it that's more expensive, but I didn't see it in their lineup last I checked. I think there's definitely room for a luxury brand to make something like this. Something a bit more stylish than the regular ones.

    They're not heavy, but they are big, so a bit cumbersome in a sedan. No problem in a minivan, though.

    I suppose for you a smaller bag with bigger wheels would be good, if such a thing exists?
  6. What do you know, it exists, but the target audience is kids:
    Nikidom Roller