Woohooooooo. My Lilac Work is here! Wanted to share pics

  1. She's better then I could have imagined. I'm in :heart: [​IMG]
  2. It's beautiful! Congrats!
  3. Drop dead gorgeous.....if it's gone, it's ME.........I WANT IT TOO.....

    SO PRETTY! Nice JOB!


    P.S. did you get it brand new?
  4. BEYOND gorgeous!!!! Congratulations! Post a pic wearing it! I am anxiously awaiting pics of you sporting that beauty!!!!!!
  5. YES! I found it at Pamela Robbins in Scarsdale NY. Brand new and can you believe the only bag left in Lilac was the work. I'm so excited to use it tomorrow.

    OT: Can you believe one of my friends was over (she's quite fashionable) and she said "What is this? That is the ugliest bag I've ever seen. Purple? Uch! You better return that" I almost kicked her out of my house. NUTS!!!!!!!
  6. Congrats!!! It's beautiful!! Where's the updated family pic? :smile:
  7. The trims a little lighter then the rest of the bag. Any way to darken other then sending it to LMB?

  8. I'll do that tomorrow. I've had a house full of people for the past few days. My grandma passed away on Sat. :sad: This is her way to make me smile:yes:
  9. She cannot be your friend any longer!!!

  10. Shasta, I was kind of thinking the same thing. What kind of person is this and how could she be MY friend?:s
  11. Why didn't you? :graucho: She must be color blind!:sweatdrop:

  12. I have the same problem with my French Blue - even started a thread about it (today, actually!), trying to solicit help, but not many takers:sad:. Really don't want to have to send away to LMB.
  13. whooohooo is underselling that bag. it is just spectacular. congrats
  14. Gorgeous Z&J! I loooove 06 lilac (even more than 03 and 04 lilac! I know I must hide now before my fellow bbag gals chase me down for saying such blasphemy!)

    CONGRATS on the lilac work... and condolensces for the tough time your family must be going through. :sad:
  15. very nice. congrats!