1. Wow, I just saw this :nuts: Congrats to all the Kooba lovers on their own forum

  2. I couldn't resist the pressure anymore. :sneaky:
  3. Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray! I was looking for the Kooba threads and they had been moved. I thought "Where have they gone? Can it be?" And it is! We have our own Kooba forum. Many thanks to all that made it possible!
  4. Thanks, Vlad.
  5. Thanks so much Vlad!!! Yippie... a home for all of us now!!!!:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
  6. YAYAYAY! Love you Vlad, thank you! :flowers:
  7. Resistance to Kooba fanatics is futile! :graucho:

    Congrats everyone! :yahoo:
  8. Woooohoooooo :yahoo:

    Thank you Vlad et al.
  9. Yay!!!

    I feel so "at home" here! Vlad, we :heart: you!
  10. Haha. You didn't cave to the pressure. You just gave your disciples what they wanted. Thanks so much!
  11. Woohoo!! :dothewave: :party:
  12. Yes! whoohoo! I love Kooba!
  13. What a pleasant surprise. Hope we didn't put you through much misery Vlad. We'll behave now. We love you for your effort in pleasing us.

    Ahhh, but I am on Nights and have to go to bed. So I'll properly invade these threads tomorrow.

    :heart: :heart: :heart: Hugs and Kisses to Vlad!
  14. Woo-Hoo!!! Kooba reigns-thanks Vlad!!!:yahoo:
  15. Awesome!! I was confused at why all the posts were moved...then the light bulb in my head lit up! :idea: