Woohoo the mailman was GOOD to me today *pics*

  1. So I've been doing a little shopping on eBay and Let-Trade, well 3 of them came today!! :yahoo: The mini sac hl is for dd who is 8 1/2, she doesn't even know I got it, she will be ESTATIC!!! Can't wait for her to get home from school!

    Here's the trio:

  2. love it! I only have a 1-year-old son and don't plan on having more children so i'm hoping he marries a nice girl who I can bestow my bags upon someday!

    There is always, also, the dream of a grand-daughters:love:

    congrats on your bags!!!!!! let us know what she thinks
  3. Wow..congrats!!!! love that venis fleur..
  4. Oh congrats! Everything is so pretty, but the vernis fleurs is just gorgeous.
  5. Nice!, What a great mail day!
  6. Lovely! Congrats!
  7. Great bags, Congrats! I'm sure your daughter is going to LOVE that!!
  8. pretty, pretty!
  9. very nice shopping :smile:
    Congrat's! be sure to let us know how your dd reacts :smile:
  10. Beautiful choices! Congratulations to you and your daughter! How wonderful~:heart:
  11. I love the black vernis!
  12. Wow - you had a great mail day!
  13. wow that mini sac looks like new pretty nice tell us what your dotter said
  14. Can I please please please be your daughter?
  15. Wow! Jealous! My son just turned 7 today I wish there was something I could buy him of LV that he would appreciate but alas he much more appreciates his Laptop and PSP. LOL