Woohoo... Neverfull mm or totally mm. My hubby dosent care about the price!!

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  1. Which one would u ladies choose nf mm in azur or totally m&m in azur? And why?
  2. Totally AZUR is my pick !!!
    Why ? Because totally is very beautiful
    in AZUR and personally I like the
    NF in mono and DE only ! It's just me tho
    I have very exquisite taste :biggrin:
  3. Totally!
  4. totally mm for sure!
    its the comfiest tote i've ever owned!! :biggrin: love it alot :heart:
    nf's thin straps dig into your shoulder and gets heavy real quick... i still lvoe nf alot too but just totally mm more
  5. totally
  6. I have NF MM in Azur so i am biased lol
  7. Totally! I don't have either but I think the zipper and the fact that the Totally seems a bit more structured than the NF (but I could be wrong)...
  8. Azur NF! Beautiful, chic, & versatile.
  9. Another vote for Totally!
  10. totally! the outside pockets are major plus
    you have the security of the zipper if you need it
    easy to carry and holds a ton
  11. I would go for the Totally because of the zipper and thicker handles! Let us know which one you end up choosing.
  12. I had both, and sold both shortly after. The straps on the NF are too thin, and the side ties will drive you nuts! They never keep the bag cinched in at the sides. The totally is the better choice for comfort and style, in my opinion.
  13. No mommy bag. I vote for the NF :P
  14. NF! Although i am a big nf fan. Totally is really cute also. :smile:
  15. Totally if you carry lots of things, NF if you don't... I have NF that I originally used as work bag but the straps hurts because I do carry quite a lot, so thinking about totally now. I still use my NF a lot for weekend, very convenient with the open top and you can just cinch the sides to make it smaller....