Woohoo, my Mini Lin Speedy passed the spilled drink test (ro)

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  1. On my way to my German class last week, I bought a snack and a bottle of Coke Zero @ the train station.

    I was having a hard time juggling everything when my unopened coke bottle started to leak! I totally freaked out. But most of the spilled coke just rolled off the Mini Lin canvas. Whatever remained on the canvas beaded up, which I dabbed away w/ a napkin immediately.

    I throughly examined the area, and there was no stain whatsoever. But for good measure, I wiped down the whole bag w/ a slightly damp towel when I got home later.

    I haven't treated the bag w/ anything so far. But I do plan on spraying it w/ some Shining Monkey in the future.
  2. Lucky for you! Yea! :woohoo:

    I would have freaked out!
  3. I'm glad to hear your bag was fine. I have been caught out in the rain with my mini lin a couple of times now. It's been fine - no vachetta to worry about!
  4. oooh good news!! I heard that LV pre -treat the denim with water repellent spray, thats what the SA told me when I was thinking of protecting my neo. Good to know that it works!
  5. Which color is your mini lin ?

    Awesome news, althought I did spray mine with shining moneky since its fabric :smile:

  6. I am so glad it did not stain.
  7. This is good to know since I just purchased the mini line bucket in ebene.
  8. Woah... I bet that was kinda scary!
    Glad to hear that it was A okay!
  9. I'm sure that was a relief..I'm glad to hear that you bag didn't get damaged. Its cool to know that it's pretreated!!!
  10. I love the Mini Lin!!! I have a Ebene Speedy and I am planning on getting the Dune in a few weeks.
  11. omg! i'm so glad ur bag didn't get stained!

    what color do u have? i have the mini lin in dune...i hope that's what u have then i can start throwing the bag around~!
  12. I have the Ebene. But I think your Dune should be fine. After I dabbed up the spilled coke, there's not even a wet smudge on the canvas, which means the coke didn't get absorbed into the fabric at all.

    I do plan on spraying it w/ Shining Monkey though (but have to wait a few months because I couldn't pack it to bring to Germany).
  13. I just love the mini lin!!!
  14. that is so good to know!!! i remember the manager telling when it came out that they had spilled water on it, and it rolled off.
  15. nice, glad no stains. Lucky bag.