WooHoo 2nd reveal - Shortly after my 1st reveal

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  1. My 1st reveal a week ago: http://forum.purseblog.com/hermes/my-first-ever-reveal-560289.html
    Of course, within a week, there comes my 2nd reveal.. Thanks Perlerare who has authenticated this for me on a personal basis since the Thread of Accessories Authentication is almost dead. LOL...

    Love her! She is great.

    I am so lucky to found this at another unbelieveable price. :nuts:
    What could it be?

    Okay another question for my next purchase to put inside my this purchase:
    1) Should I get a Bearn Mini (who I adore so much for its simplicity and sleekness and able to hold my cards/bills/coins) but is at a freaking high price which I really can't justify.

    2) Or get a Calvi + Bastia? Is that like too much? I hate complexity and want something simple. But the price of both is much cheaper than a one Bearn mini.

    3) Or get a Dogon Card case? Can it fit coins as well without falling out?

    4) Or get a Dogon compact? But can it fit my 1st reveal: Dogon Belt bag? It do not seem compact actually.

    Alright I am trying to avoid dogon currently to fit inside my dogon belt bag. But if you ladies can persuade me to it, maybe I may be getting dogon again? But is kinda stupid to have a dogon inside a dogon right?
    LOL. But Bearn is like so expensive! Calvi + Bastia is like so many things. LOL.. What should I do? Which option should I get?
  2. YAY front row!!! Let me see!!

    Hmmm if it was me i would get the calvi and bastia- you could then make a little mini H rainbow!!
  3. Oh yes, I'm waiting, too.
  4. I am up at the crack of dawn too! :biggrin: let's see!!
  5. I'm here!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. just in time to catch a live reveal~ :biggrin:
  7. Oh goodie - I can't believe I'm gonna catch a live reveal! Bring it on.....
  8. Thanks Luva Pug for your lovely input.. But isit very complicated? Like imagine if I make a purchase which requires bills and coins, I need to use the Calvi to retrieve the bills then the Bastia to get the coins. Like very time consuming? No?

    Thanks dolphingirl, queenvictoria2, beachtime, lovelele, Ali-bagpuss for being with me.. ;)

    Something Blue Jean this time:
  9. Opps.. I let the cat outta the bag if you can read the tiny words above the price..

    But anyway I scored two at the price less than one.. Aren't I lucky!?
    I am so so so lucky and hereby thanks Cozzi_88 at ebay for this amazing purchase.

    One question:
    What leather is the blue jeans?
    My orange togo seem much 'rougher' than the blue one
  10. Oh wow!! Amazing new items!! Love the orange clutch!! Tdf!! Sorry can't help with the leathers but the experts will be able to tell you!!

    Hmm well yes I see your point buy actually before I got my new wallet I used my LV agenda for cards and agenda items and a clea for coins and it wasn't annoying in the slightest! I liked it- I'm sure it would annoy some people but I think it worked for me because I only carry change and my cards. I never have notes so I suppose it's how you like having your money?!
  11. It states on your receipt as veau togo. Congratulations! Calvi + Bastia. Bastia is only about S$310, very affordable for a thorough leather coin pouch. You can use to insert $$ notes by folding. Use this opportunity to build up your rainbows.
  12. Congrats!!! Love the leather on both :yes:
  13. Congrats! Both pieces are Togo, each individual skin are different, so you'd find slight variations.
  14. Congrats!!
  15. I love both Dogon Clutchesbags.........Beautiful