1. OY..I did it..Got yet my third sharpei bag!This is FABULOUS!
    Its a tad smaller than I expected...I ADORE IT!!!!SO HOT!:nuts:

    Just got back from .....the beach vacation from HE*L!LOLOL!Not kidding..it was like dark and raining the entire time...sigh
    LUCKILY..I had a fedex package waiting for me from my FAVE SA AT CHANEL(Jillian at Palm beach gardens...SHE IS AMAZING!)
    Check this puppy out!:tup::drool:
    OH...I also had sold my pink expandable..THEN REGRETTED IT..SO I had another one of them here waiting for me too!LOL!Im nuts..But I had to have her again....here they are side by side so u can see they are different sizes.
  2. THE BEST thing i like about this sharpei is that it has THREE SECTIONS INSIDE!!!!
  3. here is a group pic of the sharpei bags...hehe
  4. Cool new bag Jill! And you are too funny with the pink expandable.
  5. and a group shot of my latest CHANEL acquisitions...
  6. Oh Jill I love it!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish the leather wasnt so delicate because I would purchase this bag quick. I really really like it! Great choice!
  7. Beautiful Jill! Congrats!
  8. Wow, look at those expandables. I'm in Chanel Heaven!!!

  9. the leather is VERY delicate..Im gonna baby it...LOL
    Ive still gotta go pick up the Camellia wallet i ordered for EGC..I have them holding it at Saks..Cuz I was away...
  10. Jill, your collection is awesome! I love your new bags!
  11. Yes please do! I'm living vicariously through you!
  12. By the way, can't wait to see pics of your Camellia wallet...
  13. [​IMG]
  14. Jill, it looks so great on you! I loved the pink expandable, glad you got her back!
  15. I have to add that the ONLY thing I wasnt happy about this bag...was the fact that it has a SMOOTH leather bottom...NO FEET!!!!
    U would think they would put feet on it?
    I still adore it...hehe