Woodbury Commons Question

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  1. I am seriously debating on taking a trip there tomorrow possibly (its a 1.5 hour drive for me)...Does anybody know if they have spies or b-bags in the Fendi outlet? I would like to get either of those.
  2. I seriously doubt it, honestly. The last time I went to an outlet, it was more Bag Its, Compilations, and some Selleria, plus clothes, shoes, sunglasses, etc.
  3. thanks :smile:
  4. It's worth the drive anyway those outlets are PACKED to the gills with fabulous goodies!!!

    It takes me 2 hours and 15 minutes and I still make the drive... TOTALLY worth it!
  5. No we don't have any spies or b bags. We are never expecting to get them either. Sorry for the disapointment.
  6. Probably, most popular bags never goes on sale.:sad:
  7. So, did ya go?
  8. It's worth the trip up just for all the other great outlets. I got a Prada Trick (charm/key chain) at one outlet for cheap. The Fendi outlet had a lot of Vanity bags when I was there last. And Channel always has something good.