Wonky Speedy leafs/tabs

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  1. i was in the LV boutique the other day taking a look at the speedys (1 damier, 1 mono in 30) and i noticed that the tabs (saying "Made in France) were all tucked in quite a bit. It's kinda hard to explain, but the way they were sewn in, it made the bag cave in at the top which deformed the bag a teeny lil bit. I dunno if it's just more noticeable because these were new bags - but I was wondering if y'all found the same thing with your speedys (i'll be getting my first piece in a month!:yahoo:)
  2. Yes, I think I know what you mean, I just got my Speedy 30, and it kind of has that as well...but it's like that on both sides (i.e. both tabs), so the bag still looks uniform, if that makes any sense!?
  3. I look over my speedies before buying like I'm looking for a needle in a hay stack (No joke!)... and for good reason. Something like that would really bother me and I've seen my share of the good, bad, and ugly of speedy tabs. I know what your talking about and I've also seen ones that are sewn crooked, too far in, or just plain badly so that the piping on top of the bag is not a smooth piping, it gets sort of bunched. I've also seen discolored speedy tabs with small white spots but the SA said "oh, its perfectly normal its just the natural coloring of that piece of vachetta, its leather so it can't all be the same". Regardless, I'd personally rather not have that "perfectly normal" tab on my speedy. Oh, and once I saw a tab where it was cut coronally slanted so the tip of the tab was thin like a piece of paper and no red glazing could be on that part. Tabs also vary in texture and thickness. So be sure to check your speedy tabs before buying! :tup: (its not as bad as it sounds, its just that I've looked at A LOT of speedies.)
  4. I returned my first speedy because the tab was clearly sewn crooked and they gladly exchanged it(my husband surprised me with the first one)
  5. Gosh, I didn't realise that about the tabs. Mine are okay - it's what I like about the Speedy, that and the general shape.
  6. thanks for the confirmation! i'll be super careful when i buy mine...it'll be my first so I want to make sure i love it!