Wondering how much does louis vuitton Azur cost?

  1. Hi, I just went to the louis vuitton website and they don't have the louis vuitton azur bag anymore.:crybaby:I was just wondering how much does the bag cost? How much does the speedy 30 or 25 cost? Or the cheapest azur bag. Thanks.:nuts:

    :heart: Sueshi
  2. cheapest azur bag is the mini pochette. azur/mono/damier are all the same price.
  3. They cost the same as the regular Damier line.

    They are *hot* and were sold out like hot pancakes. My local LV stores do not have any Azur bags left at all.......
  4. yep... same as the mono/regular damier. the speedy 25 is $595, and speedy 30 is $620.
  5. Damier Azur Pochette: $285
    Damier Azur Mini Pochette: $215
    Damier Azur Keepall: $875

    The Speedies were already listed.
  6. aw. Ok. I hope the lv i go to has one. Thank you.;)

  7. I'm on the waitlist for a Speedy 30-- dying!!! :hysteric::throwup:
  8. Is this the same for Canada? Sold out? I have not been to a LV store so I really wouldn't know.
  9. I m on waiting list too...I don't feel I am excited any more...:hrmm:
  10. More Azur stock coming in January 2007 middle of the month.